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PaizoCon 2024 Schedule Announced

PaizoCon 2024 Schedule Announced

Paizo has announced the schedule for Paizocon 2024 May 24th-May27th. Below is a comprehensive lineup of activities spanning from May 24th to May 27th. The event, hosted online, will feature a variety of programming across Twitch and Discord platforms, including community content creator streams.

The event kicks off on Friday, May 24th, with the PaizoCon 2024 Keynote on Twitch, presented by Erik Mona. . The keynote is set to provide watchers with the latest news and previews of Paizo’s future releases. We will also see the introduction of Paizo’s first board game, Elemental Stones, along with sessions that explore updates and developments to the Starfinder Second Edition, and various gaming activities and discussions.

As more games and activities are submitted, continue to check back here we will update the site as events are added. Also check the Tabletop.Events schedule for updates where you can register for the events.

PaizoCon Master Schedule

Friday May 24th

Paizocon Friday Schedule.



Paizocon Sunday Schedule


Paizocon Monday Schedule

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