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Hail Caesar Epic Battles Set Goes on Pre-order

Warlord Games

The Hannibal Battle Set is quite simply the most enormous Epic Battles box we’ve ever produced, packed with two armies, war elephants, a rulebook, and a second battlegame! We’ve even thrown in some extra value for early adopters with pre-order exclusives: Get your Hail Caesar Epic Battles rulebook signed by the game’s author, legendary games designer Rick Priestley! Hannibal battle set […]

Games Workshop Raising Prices 3-5%

Games Workshop Warhammer 40,000 Metawatch

Games Workshop Raising Prices

Games Workshop has announced today that they are raising prices by 3-5% on June 10th. In Sweden and Norway the price change will be between 8-14%. There are some exceptions such as e-books and paints.

New Gremlin Hover Vehicles By Alternative Armies

New Gremlin Hover Vehicles By Alternative Armies Above: Grima Combat Robots and their controllers put an end to Shia Khan Pioneers in the frozen wastes of Hythe VIII with the aid of their Gremlin vehicles. The Gremlin is a family of variants which gives Planetary Militia and sometimes Muster added mobility and firepower that outclasses the […]

On Military Matters Update 04-18-2024

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On Military Matters Update 04-18-2024

Most items due into the shoppe in a couple weeks. If you wish to pick up your order at the shoppe, please call ahead to ensure we are open.

Thank You for Your Continued Support!
Achtung Panzer! Blood & Steel: Rulebook

This 108-page, full-color rulebook is a WWII tank platoon battle game for two or more players. Recruit your crew, select your platoon of tanks, and choose assault guns or armored cars. Introduces a campaign system that allows your crew to progress after each encounter and your tanks to be upgraded to be more effective in the next battle. Contains extensive tank profiles and photo copyable stat cards. Core rulebook covers Britain, Germany, U.S.A., and U.S.S.R. Additional nations, theaters of operations, and tanks will be introduced in future expansions. $37.50 USD

Warhammer 40K Metawatch

Warhammer 40k Metawatch. Games Workshop have released the latest balances for their 10th edition of there Warhammer 40K miniatures game. The details are as quoted below and in the video.
With the clandestine Dark Angels, indomitable Adeptus Custodes, and belligerent Orks all receiving new Codexes in recent weeks, it’s time for a new balance update from the Warhammer Studio.

This quarter, we’ve got a new Munitorum Field Manual update, which is balancing point values across the game to help with both internal faction balance and win rates across the board. Check out what Josh has to say in video form before we cover the most important changes in a sequence of sentences and paragraphs below.

Bolt Action Third Edition Coming from Osprey and Warlord!

Bolt Action Third Edition Coming from Osprey and Warlord!


Bolt Action Third Edition Announce by Osprey Publishing and Warlord Games
We’re proud to announce a revised and updated third edition of the best-selling Bolt Action World War II wargaming rules from Warlord Games.

Bring the great battles of World War II to your tabletop with Bolt Action. Strike out from the beaches of Normandy. Sweep across the deserts of North Africa. Battle in the jungles of Asia and on the islands of the Pacific. Fight from street to street in Arnhem, Stalingrad, and Berlin.

This third edition features refined and updated rules and starter army lists to get new players straight into the action. Seasoned veterans, meanwhile, will find new tactical depth in the detailed force composition mechanics and a wide variety of fresh challenges in the scenario generation system.

Rally your forces, study the terrain, and prepare for battle – the fighting continues!

// COMING 26.09.2024 //

Stay tuned for more information…

On Military Matters Update 04-04-2024

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On Military Matters says most items due into the shoppe in a couple weeks. If you wish to pick up your order at the shoppe, please call ahead to ensure we are open.

Thank you for your continued support.
RUSSIA’S ARMY: A History from the Napoleonic Wars to the War in Ukraine

This comprehensive account covers the history of the Russian army from 1801 to 2022. Offers an analysis of military strategy and doctrine as reflected in specific campaigns, issues of manning and maintaining an army, and relations between army and society, at home and in the near-abroad. Identifies themes that weave their way through this military history: the adoption of a strategy to maintain a defensive posture in the West, an offensive strategy in the Balkans, and an expansionist policy in the East; maintenance of a large standing army; and a consistent unease about the army’s and non-Russian minorities’ loyalty to the state. $35.00 USD

Sets the battle within the context of the political situation across the empire and the campaigns leading up to this pivotal showdown. Discusses the armies, tactics and strategy of both protagonists. Recounts the battle and reveals the natural phenomenon behind the ‘miracle’ that saved Theodosius. Analyzes and assesses the aftermath and consequences of this significant clash, which included Eugenius’ execution and the temporary reunification of the Eastern and Western Roman empires. Contains 16 images. $43.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $36.55 USD

Plastic Soldier Company Partner With LULU To Release First POD Battlegroup Rule Book

Battlegroup logo

LULU and PSC Announce Joint Effort The Plastic Soldier Company have announced their first Print on Demand offering. The will be releasing their famous Battlegroup rules by Warwick Kinrade on LULU worldwide. They have added back in the the popular mini Normandy campaign with Canadian and 12th SS army lists. In addition Stalingrad POD is […]

On Military Matters Update 03/22/2024

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Represents the Early Saxons, Jutes, Angles, and Danes (all grouped together under the title Saxon) that invaded Britain during the 4th to 6th centuries. They fought the Romano-British for dominance of Britain for hundreds of years, forcing the original inhabitants of Britain west and north, and were also hired by the Romans as mercenaries. Set includes: 36 x unarmored warrior bodies; 36 x small round bucklers (9mm in diameter); 36 x larger round shields, half flat and half slightly domed (14mm in diameter); 60 x helmeted heads; 30 x bare heads and heads with caps; An assortment of sword, axe, javelin and spear arms; and 12 x fur cloaks. These figures can easily be used as other Dark Age Germanic warriors and even be mixed with later Saxons and Vikings. Figures from the Late Romans sets would not look out of place alongside these in a warband. All adding massive amounts of variety to our ever-expanding Dark Age range. $54.00 USD