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Games Workshop Raising Prices 3-5%

Games Workshop Raising Prices 3-5%

Games Workshop has announced today that they are raising prices by 3-5% on June 10th. In Sweden and Norway the price change will be between 8-14%. There are some exceptions such as e-books and paints.

Games Workshop Raising Prices
Warhammer Update

Full press release is below

It’s an unfortunate truth that the world keeps getting more expensive. Prices for food, materials, and transportation have been trending upward for a few years now, and Warhammer isn’t immune to that trend.

This means that from the 10th June we’ll be increasing some prices in our Warhammer stores and on

The price changes for individual products will vary, but in most countries the average change will be between 3% and 5%.* As an example of what you can expect, a squad of Necron Warriors goes up $2 from $50 to $52, £30 to £31.50, and €40 to €41 (or local currency equivalent).

The prices of some of our products aren’t changing, such as paint pots and paint sets, White Dwarf, and Black Library products (including digital publications). 

We understand that no one likes a price rise and we’ve done our best to keep prices down. We’re giving you a heads-up now so that you have plenty of time to take advantage of current prices. 

* In Sweden and Norway, the average price change will be between 8% and 14%.


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