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Warhammer 40K Metawatch

Warhammer 40K Metawatch.

Games Workshop has released the latest balances for the 10th edition of their Warhammer 40K miniatures game. The details are as quoted below and in the video.

With the clandestine Dark Angels, indomitable Adeptus Custodes, and belligerent Orks all receiving new Codexes in recent weeks, it’s time for a new balance update from the Warhammer Studio.

This quarter, we’ve got a new Munitorum Field Manual update, which is balancing point values across the game to help with both internal faction balance and win rates across the board. Check out what Josh has to say in video form before we cover the most important changes in a sequence of sentences and paragraphs below.

The first key point is that the Warhammer Studio aims to release a Munitorum Field Manual update every quarter, and a Balance Dataslate every other quarter. This isn’t a fixed schedule – the start of the edition saw two Dataslates in a row, to help adjust factions in the new game.

Among the most important changes are points adjustments to slow the inexorable advance of the Necrons. Combos frequently appearing in competitive play have been tuned, with increases for C’tan Shards, several varieties of Cryptek – including Illuminor Szeras himself – and Immortals. Units which have seen less play are enjoying slight discounts, particularly those common to Detachments outside of the Hypercrypt Legion and Canoptek Court.

Points costs across the Adeptus Mechanicus have dropped – but the Warhammer Studio are also testing a selection of rules changes to launch with the next Balance Dataslate that should tune up the Machine Cult’s legions and give them a shot in the cybernetic arm.

The points for the Adeptus Custodes and Orks now have updated points as their Codexes hit store shelves on Saturday. These might be different from what is printed in the books, so you can be sure they’re fully up to date with this latest balance update. 

The T’au Empire’s points still match their Index values, ahead of the widespread release of their new Codex – which is available for pre-order on Saturday. They’ll see a Munitorum Field Manual update when the Codex appears in stores and everyone has access to the rules.

Space Marines have seen a number of internal balance changes, with more tweaks to specific Chapters. The Dark Angels have received a range of points decreases to make a greater variety of units viable. While the Blood Angels Death Companies have been tweaked to better reflect their typical loadouts, the Sanguinary Guard are getting a cost decrease to see this iconic unit return to play. 

After somehow eluding strict Imperial inspectors in the past, the Black Templars also now need to pay points for those multi-meltas they’ve been bolting onto all of their tanks.

Genestealer Cults, Adepta Sororitas, and Astra Millitarum have received some targeted changes to units that are appearing frequently in top lists, with other changes made to increase the viability of less popular units or builds. Chaos Space Marines, likewise, have had internal balance as their focus for changes.

Some factions – like Daemons, Chaos Knights, Imperial Knights, and Death Guard – have either had very few or no changes at all, and every other faction has received minor tweaks to internal balance.

You can see all of the points changes in the Munitorum Field Manual all of which can be downloaded Here


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