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Alternative Armies Manticores 15-28mm Return

From Alternative Armies Manticores Return

They eat their victims whole leaving nothing but a few scraps and not even any bones. I tell you this monster – a hybrid of lion, scorpion and the appalling face of a woman – must be fought wherever it is found. Few survive to tell the tale, but none the less from the hot sands to the forests, bands of heroes seek them to make our world a safer place.

Alternative Armies Manticore

It is our pleasure to announce that two different scales of the Manticore are now on the website. New molds for the 15mm scale monster in the HOT range, and now, after an absence of two decades, the 28mm Manticore returns in our Monsters and Creatures range. The larger monster was sculpted by Steve Trickett in the early 1990s, and is also in new molds.

VNT22 – Manticore

Alternative Armies Manticore

55mm tall, 55mm wide with wings

HOT28 – Manticore

Alternative Armies Manticore

40mm tall, 40mm wide with wings

As you can see, these metal models will be fine foes on your gaming table. Shown alongside other miniatures for scale comparison. From the 15mm Tabletop fantasy range and the 28mm Orc which comes free with our Giant Troll. The smaller one will work as a youngling in 28mm, should you so choose.

Alternative Armies Manticore

Every order shipped out from Alternative Armies until 10th June 2024 automatically gets F6 Large Rat included for free. You can see it above alongside the Manticores. Our Deals and Offers page has new selections, including the small rat at half price. We have further 28mm Asgard fantasy releases before the end of the free rat period, and also another remastered 15mm Dragon in the Tabletop fantasy range too.


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