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Games Workshop Raising Prices 3-5%

Games Workshop Warhammer 40,000 Metawatch

Games Workshop Raising Prices

Games Workshop has announced today that they are raising prices by 3-5% on June 10th. In Sweden and Norway the price change will be between 8-14%. There are some exceptions such as e-books and paints.

New Gremlin Hover Vehicles By Alternative Armies

New Gremlin Hover Vehicles By Alternative Armies Above: Grima Combat Robots and their controllers put an end to Shia Khan Pioneers in the frozen wastes of Hythe VIII with the aid of their Gremlin vehicles. The Gremlin is a family of variants which gives Planetary Militia and sometimes Muster added mobility and firepower that outclasses the […]

STAR MERCS From Alternative Armies

STAR MERCS From Alternative Armies Now added to the massive HOF 15mm science-fiction range are five new packs, a value platoon pack, and, of course, singles of 25 new poses. A whole new faction of Star Mercs, to go alongside Security Force Alpha, the Rim Mercs, and Grey Aliens, among others in the range. Nearly 200 codes, and all […]

Warhammer 40K Metawatch

Warhammer 40k Metawatch. Games Workshop have released the latest balances for their 10th edition of there Warhammer 40K miniatures game. The details are as quoted below and in the video.
With the clandestine Dark Angels, indomitable Adeptus Custodes, and belligerent Orks all receiving new Codexes in recent weeks, it’s time for a new balance update from the Warhammer Studio.

This quarter, we’ve got a new Munitorum Field Manual update, which is balancing point values across the game to help with both internal faction balance and win rates across the board. Check out what Josh has to say in video form before we cover the most important changes in a sequence of sentences and paragraphs below.

Adepticon 2025 Announces New Venue and Dates

Adepticon citing 20% growth that has outgrown their current facility has announced they are moving the location of Adepticon 2025 to the Baird Center in Historic Milwaukee Wisconsin. One hour north of the current location in Illinois. The press release below contains all the details. This may come as a surprise to some but not to me. The Milwaukee convention Center hosted Gencon for years before it moved to its’ current location in Indianapolis. This should prove to be an excellent move for Adepticon but only time will tell.
With the record-breaking success of AdeptiCon 2024 now in the rearview mirror (like a charging Tyrannosaurus), we’ve been able to focus on finalizing the plans for AdeptiCon 2025. We have appreciated everyone’s patience while we’ve navigated the myriad of challenges that come with making major changes.

It will come as little surprise to anyone that attended the convention this year to hear that AdeptiCon is growing. In fact, the convention grew nearly 20% between 2023 and 2024. We hosted an estimated 8,000 attendees. This is amazing growth, and we could not be prouder. But that type of growth creates challenges, and the unavoidable fact is that our current venue is no longer a sustainable option for the size of the convention. With that foremost in mind, and with sincere gratitude to our current venue and hotel partners, we have decided to relocate AdeptiCon to the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin for 2025.

Centrally located in the historic downtown district of Milwaukee, the newly renovated and expanded convention center is over one million square feet and this first year we’ll be using three times our current space, including both venues. But, to be clear, square footage alone wasn’t the only consideration for choosing the Baird Center. The state-of-the-art amenities and spacious layouts follow in the AdeptiCon tradition of feeling “right” for our event. The Baird Center is a location that we can call home for the foreseeable future.


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