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Pipe Creek Expansion Available for Pre-order from Flying Pig Games!

Pipe Creek Expansion Pre-order up

Flying pig games has just announced that their expansion for A Most Fearful Sacrifice, Pipe Creek “Meade’s Last Stand” is available for pre-order here.

Pipe Creek Expansion

Pipe Creek expands the award-winning Black Swan system from A Most Fearful Sacrifice (AMFS). Featuring Gettysburg’s cavalry and “What If” troops for the Army of Northern Virginia, Pipe Creek explores alternate scenarios where Meade leaves Gettysburg. Two scenarios depict a Confederate success on July 2nd with Meade retreating, while a third has Meade holding his ground at Pipe Creek rather than give battle in Gettysburg. The fourth scenario enhances Pickett’s charge with almost 9,000 additional troops. This expansion requires AMFS to play, allowing players to explore these new tactical possibilities and replay the iconic In Magnificent Style scenario with additional forces.


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