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On Military Matters Update 03/01/2024

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SWEDEN’S WAR IN MUSCOVY 1609-1617: The Relief of Moscow and Conquest of Novgorod

Describes and analyses the Swedish campaign in Muscovy of 1609-1610 and the Ingrian War of 1610-1617 between Sweden and Muscovy during Russia’s Time of Troubles. Discusses how Moscow entered an alliance with Sweden and gave the crown to Gustavus Adolphus, and how the alliance eventually dissolved after Moscow launched a coup led by the first Tsar of the Romanov dynasty. Concludes that the war led to significant military reforms that strengthened both armies, and in particular Gustavus Adolphus. Details the military systems of both Sweden and Muscovy, with notes about the Commonwealth expeditionary armies, and explains the development of the Swedish Army in the period prior to the Thirty Years’ War, in which Gustavus Adolphus was to use it with great success. Contains 157 black-and-white photos and illustrations, 12 color plates, 12 black-and-white maps, and 13 tables. $60.00 USD

ARMIES AND WARS OF THE FRENCH EAST INDIA COMPANIES 1664-1770: European, Asian and African Soldiers in India, Africa, the Far East and Louisiana

Discusses the origins of the French East India Company, and the need to maintain their own private armies and navies that were independent from those of the King of France, leading to the formation of the Compagnie des Indes in 1719. Details how the French company expanded, and when they became involved in the politics of the crumbling Mughal Empire in India, the number of European soldiers was expanded by enlisting thousands of Indian soldiers, who were given European training, weapons and sometimes uniforms. Also discusses locations, such as different training centers, the various roles soldiers took such as marines on company ships, as well as the creation of different units with distinct uniforms. Contains 189 black-and-white illustrations, photos, and maps, 12 color plates, and 35 color illustrations. $60.00 USD

OCTOBER TRIUMPH: Napoleon’s Invasion of Germany, 1806

Offers a fresh interpretation of one of Napoleon’s foundational victories. Relies on primary sources to give voice to the French, Saxon and Prussian participants. Alongside Crisis in the Snows and Napoleon’s Triumph, it completes the 1806-1807 campaign trilogy. Well illustrated with recent battlefield photographs, 35 maps, paintings, and drawings. $390.00 USD

CHINESE AIRCRAFT: China’s Aviation Industry Since 1951

Discusses the various aircraft that have existed in the Chinese forces, beginning in the 1950s when they received help from the Soviet Union, and then continuing on in the 1960s with the Chinese versions of Soviet craft after the two nations grew apart. Aircraft types included are the Shaanxi Y8, the Chengdu JF-17 (FC-1) light fighter, the Shenyang J-10, and the KJ-2000 AWACS aircraft based on the Il’yushin IL-76. Also discusses the factories and design institutions representing the industry over the years, including Chengdu, Guizhou, Shenyang, Xian and Chiange, and compares early and late designs to show how those organizations developed.

Includes experimental types and the latest research and development, while further sections are devoted to aircraft weapons, unmanned aerial vehicles, and Chinese aircraft exports on a country-by-country basis. Numerous color profiles and three-view drawings are illustrated, together with logos of the production enterprises and design institutions. Contains over 650 photographs, over 110 color profiles, and 100 drawings. $57.00 USD

WINGS OF THE NAVY: Testing British and U.S. Carrier Aircraft

The author was the first naval officer to head the elite Aerodynamics Flight at Farnborough, and he has recorded his cockpit experiences testing British and American carrier aircraft. He discusses the flying characteristics of a myriad of aircraft, including Fairey Swordfish and Albacore; Grumman Avenger and Panther; Supermarine Seafire, Douglas Dauntless, North American Skyray, de Havilland Sea Vixen, and Blackburn Buccaneer. Contains over 300 photos, 100 color profiles, and illustrated with cutaways. $57.50 USD

BRITISH LIGHT CRUISERS: Leander, Amphion and Arethusa Classes

This ShipCraft book is the first of two volumes covering Royal Navy 6-inch cruisers of the 1930s, including WWII ships such as Ajax, Achilles and Penelope, and the Australian Sydney. Provides in-depth information about building and modifying model kits of famous warship types. Lavishly illustrated, takes the modeler through a brief history of the subject, highlighting differences between ships and changes in their appearance over their careers. This includes paint schemes and camouflage, featuring color profiles and highly detailed line drawings and scale plans. The modeling section reviews the strengths and weaknesses of available kits, lists commercial accessory sets for super-detailing of the subjects, and provides hints on modifying and improving the basic kit. Followed by a gallery of selected high-quality models in a variety of scales, and the book concludes with a section on research references – books, monographs, large-scale plans, and relevant websites. $29.00 USD

RAYS OF THE RISING SUN: Armed Forces of Japan’s Asian Allies 1931-45 Volume 1: China and Manchukuo

First of a three-volume series, this details the story of the Chinese who fought for the Japanese over a 14-year period. Details how the Japanese created puppet governments in occupied Chinese territories, and in turn, those puppet governments needed their own independent armed forces to help them maintain control over the populace. The Chinese soldiers in these armies ranged from the well-drilled and trained regular Army of the Last Emperor of China, Pu Yi, to the irregular Mongol cavalry who served alongside Japanese troops in the ‘secret war’ waged in the Mongolian hinterlands – regardless, they were hailed as traitors and embarrassments to the Chinese fighting the Japanese.

Describes in detail the organization, training, actions, uniforms and equipment of these forces, including detailed orders of battle; contains many rare and previously unpublished photos; and contains color plates that illustrate the uniforms and insignia of the armies. The air forces and navies of these states are also described in detail, including color aircraft profiles, as well as biographies of notable military commanders. Contains 88 black-and-white photos, 4 black-and-white figures, 16 color figures, 11 color aircraft profiles, and 10 tables. $45.00 USD

CARNATION REVOLUTION: Volume 1: The Road to the Coup that Changed Portugal, 1974

First in a two-volume history that describes the background to the revolution in Portugal, the causes that led to the revolt of the captains, and the situation in the Portuguese colonies in Africa where guerrilla wars for their independence had been going on for more than a decade. In the streets of Lisbon, people offered red carnations to the soldiers, who decided to stick them in the barrels of their rifles, leading to the revolt being known as the Carnation Revolution. Discusses how in less than 24 hours, the forces loyal to the regime were defeated, and it paved the way for democracy. Contains 80 black-and-white photos, 7 color illustrations, 15 color profiles, 1 color map, 2 black-and-white maps, and 1 table. $30.00 USD

CARNATION REVOLUTION: Volume 2: Coup in Portugal, April 1974

Second in a two-volume history that offers a detailed account of the intertwining political and military events of March and April 1974 in and around Lisbon, as power swung irretrievably from a dictatorial government to a military intent on ending the colonial wars in Africa and restoring democracy to Portugal. Details how Premier Marcello Caetano insisted on the continuation of the Portuguese presence in Africa and the wars being waged against the liberation movements in Angola, Mozambique and Guinea, and how Portugal’s two most senior generals did not share this view. Discusses how in less than 24 hours, the forces loyal to the regime were defeated, and it paved the way for democracy. Contains 96 black-and-white photos, 4 color photos, 13 color profiles, and 1 color map. $30.00 USD



Cover: In the Trenches with WWI Chain of Command; Send Three And Fourpence: Reasons to use paper products for tabletop wargaming.; Square Bashing In Lower Rutenia: 18th Century Imagi-Nations, scenario for rules of your choice; Ancient Attraction: Command Decision asks the question: You and Whose (1,500-point) Army?; Phakathi: Two-part piece on the Wars with the Xhosa (Africa’s 100 Years War); Siege of al-Madinah: Ideas for a solo sci-fi Slammers encirclement scenario; Scratch Build: Double header sci-fi plumbing piece and scratch siege tower; Defence in Depth: Figure and ruleset reviews; Quartermaster: Gaming supplies; Forward Observer: News; Recce: Book reviews. $10.00 USD


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