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LEGO & Asmodee

LEGO & ASMODEE Announce Partnership

Announced at Nuremberg Toy Fair, games distributor Asmodee and LEGO group have confirmed a jointly created family board game named Monkey Palace, to the delight of fans who have long loved both.

Lego Board Game

Whilst there’s been a number of ventures into board games from LEGO in the previously, these have mostly been tie ins with existing franchises. Examples Include LEGO Legends of Chima in 2013, a brief attempt at a trading card game, or LEGO What Am I? in 2016. These were all published directly by LEGO, the audience these were aimed at were the children who play with LEGO, rather than potential hobbyists. By joining forces with Asmodee, it is obvious LEGO is taking a more hobby centered focus with their new game, with Monkey Palace. 


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