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Hostile Waters and The Black Madonna for Twilight 2000 Now On Pre-Order

Hostile Waters and The Black Madonna for Twilight 2000 Now On Pre-Order

The pre-order for Hostile Waters and The Black Madonna boxed set expansions for the new edition of RPG classic Twilight 2000, has been launched in the Free League webshop today, and gives immediate access to complete PDFs.

Pre-Order on the Free League Webshop today and get instant access to the pdf HERE!

I always wanted to go on a boat, you know, before the war. When we reached the Vistula, Top said, “Now’s your chance, kid.” Two-Fer said he did some boating with his brother out on the Gulf, and I guess he meant Mexico because I don’t think he ever served in the desert. I kid you not, an hour later we were being chased by pirates just like in the show. Bullets whizzing above my head. Spray of water in my face. Worst part is – I’m getting used to this life.

Hostile Waters for the new edition of RPG classic TWILIGHT: 2000 is a modular expansion that includes everything you need to play in a marine environment. Hostile Waters is loosely based on Pirates of the Vistula for the first edition of TWILIGHT 2000 but designed to be used for any waterways.

This boxed set includes new combat and travel rules for marine environments, military watercraft large and small, new factions for the PCs to tangle with, new plots to unravel, and new scenario sites to explore – including the USS Maine Ohio-class nuclear submarine. It also describes the two sample waterways the Vistula river and the Göta Canal. Contents of the boxed set:

  • 104-page full-color book stuffed with new rules and gaming material.
  • 26 new encounter cards, for use on rivers or lakes.
  • 16 modular battle maps for marine environments.
  • Six scenario site battle maps.
  • Battle map tokens for boats and ships of various sizes.
  • A huge double-sided full-color travel map for northern Poland and southern Sweden, connecting the maps in the core RPG set, format 864x558mm.
Twilight 2000 Hostile Waters

When I was a kid, my best friend was named Donald Kaminski. I was over at his house for dinner once when his Great Aunt Lucja was visiting. She was this crazy lady from the old country who spoke hardly any English. After dinner, she gave me a little card with a picture on one side and printing on the other. I thought it was a Polish baseball card or something, but it was an old-time picture of Mary and the baby Jesus. Don’s dad said that it was a holy picture. He read the stuff on the back to me. It was all about the painting, which was called Our Lady of Częstochowa, and had all sorts of neat stuff about sieges and battles, and thieves being struck dead as they tried to steal the painting. I loved it. I never dreamed I’d ever hold the real Black Madonna in my hands someday.

The Black Madonna
 is a campaign expansion for the fourth edition of TWILIGHT: 2000, based on the classic adventure with the same title for the first edition of the game. This new and updated supplement is written by the original author, Frank Frey, and Chris Keeling.

This boxed set includes new rules, new weapons, an overview of the Silesia region of Poland, new encounters, new factions for the PCs to tangle with, new scenario sites to explore, and details on the Black Madonna itself and its secrets. Contents of the boxed set:

  • 72-page book with new rules and campaign material.
  • 16 new encounter cards, for use in Silesia or elsewhere.
  • 6 battle maps for specific locations.
  • 3 battle maps for close quarters combat.
  • A travel map.


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