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Wyrd at Adepticon-Volunteers Needed- Events Schedule

Wyrd will be kicking off the convention season at AdeptiCon, located at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel, March 22nd – 26th.

The weekend will be filled with a full line-up of events, registration is open now until February 28th. Make sure to stop by booth #308 to see what’s new and to say hi to the team. 

We will once again be contributing to the Adepticon Raffle selection, this year submitting two options, a hand-made Voo Doo Doll and a custom-painted Box Set*. 

                          *Bargains Made  Painted By: Polina K @enigma.painting on IG

Don’t forget to add your raffle tickets to your cart before check out, Adepticonis supporting a host of great charities! Are you attending Adepticon? Want to volunteer and get cool stuff for helping us? Well, you’re in luck, because Wyrd is currently looking for volunteers!


Adepticon  –  March 23rd-26th, 2023
Volunteer to run Demo’s in our booth – Vagrantsong, Bayou Bash, Malifaux, and The Other Side. To volunteer for a demo shift, you must have a good working knowledge of the game in question. You are welcome to take as many shifts as you’d like.

Volunteer Signup Sheet

Unable to make it to Adepticon, but want to join us at another show, see where we’ll be next.

Wyrd will host a number of events at Adepticon this year, from laid back to competitive, there is something for everyone! Sign-up now until February 28th for your favorite Wyrd Event!

Get models on the table, during one of our Malifaux or The Other Side Events. Or join one of our GMS for a journey through the Breach at one of our Through the Breach RPG events. And new to the show this year, is our very own hobby event, A Splash of Color. 

Malifaux Events:

Cupcake Match 2-4 players racing around the table collecting colorful Cupcake Markers. Keep your cupcakes close to the chest while trying to snatch away your opponent’s out from underneath them. Match three of the same flavor, and win the game! Any player who brings in cupcakes to share will receive an in-game benefit during the event. The winner of the event at Adepticon will get to take home a set of 5, 30mm Cupcake Markers, which can be used as Scheme or Strategy Markers. *Cupcakes not necessary to participate
Random Double Rush – will consist of 3 rounds and uses the Double Rush format, but with the unique twist that your partner, and your Crews, will be random! Just bring yourself and a willingness to have a good time, as all other materials (including models) will be provided!
Masters Tournament – this is a competitive, 3 Round, 40SS, Gaining Grounds 3 Event. Participants will receive prizes provided by Wyrd Games based on their final ranking. The first-place finisher will receive a victory belt provided by Wyrd Games!
Bonanza Brawl – This 3 Round event will use the Bonanza Brawl rules —  a version of the All-Out Brawl rules from the Gaining Grounds Season Three packet which have been modified for maximum fun and maximum chaos by the Steam Powered Scoundrels! Players need any one non-Master with no upgrades and Cost 10 or less as their Leader.
Masquerade– Bring your favorite 6 Cost, non-Master model and be prepared to backstab your friends in this 2 Round event. This special Scenario transforms Malifaux into a 3-5 player hidden role game. Players are dealt a Costume card and given 30 minutes to accomplish their secret objective, while hoping to escape the notice of the Host.

The Other Side Events:

Titan SmashThis event will have players bringing the power of Titans out to bear as they fight for control of the arena. This event will also feature the two new Titans: the War Elephant and the Tatarigami from Beyond the Other Side. Models will be provided and Assets preselected so that participants can focus on enjoying the battle!
One-Commander +10ss Tournament– a 3 Round Event. Players will have 1 Commander + 10 Scrip to build their Company. This event features a prize-pool provided by Wyrd Games, including a special trophy and product for The Other Side.

Through the Breach Events:

Ten Thunders Character Creationcreate a character from the Tarot featured in From Shadows, the latest expansion book for Through the Breach!
Lantern Festival ScenarioMalifaux’s two moons are full and lanterns are lit: it’s time for the Lunar Festival! The Fated must run across the Little Kingdom to get last-minute tasks done. But as they lend a hand, weird clues start emerging. What nefarious plots are the Fated unwittingly helping bring to fruition?

Wyrd Hobby Events:

A Splash of Color– Paint? Check. Brushes? Check. Models? Check. Looks like the only thing missing is you! A Splash of Color is an event all about painting a Wyrd model your way, perfect for someone who wants to spend a no-pressure couple of hours splashing some color on something new. Preferably the miniature. All models and materials will be provided by Wyrd Games, each event will feature a different model.

For more information on each event and links to sign up go here

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