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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Wyrd Announces New Malifaux Expansion

Hey Wyrdos,

This week, we’ve let Waldo do his own thing. Was it a mistake? Well, let’s watch this trailer to find out:

Oh. Everything’s on fire? That seems fine.

Over the last few weeks, the incredible Wyrd community has helped us reveal some of our plans in how we are reshaping the meta of Malifaux. Through their channels, we’ve been able to showcase new titles for existing Masters, as well as new models that fit multiple keywords. And we’re just getting started; community reveals will continue up to September 10th, right before we head to Gen Con.

This week, we’re showing off Malifaux’s newest expansion, and the events that have transpired to bring us here.

In Malifaux Burns, the latest book for M3E, the Burning Man has arrived. For the last few years, the failed experiment of the former Governor-General has been causing havoc on Earth, warping mankind from the clouds above. His portals have opened in both sea and sky, letting loose creatures that even the most imaginative minds could not fathom. His path of destruction is random and without remorse, and now he’s here… back where it all started.

Link to the full Story HERE

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