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Warhammer Christmas Shipping Dates

Christmas is rapidly approaching, like a big old avalanche of Squigs minus the dribble. 

And that means time is running out if you’re planning on buying a Battleforce (or two!), the next unit for your burgeoning Leagues of Votann army, or a stack of Black Library novels to read over the festive season.

Luckily, our real-life and actual CEO (honest!) James Workshop has a message for you!

Full Details Here!

Country/RegionCut-off Date
Australia & New Zealand4th Dec (12th for Forge World)
Rest of World5th December
US & Canada9th December
France11th December
Finland11th December
Rest of EU11th December
Germany12th December
Spain12th December
Denmark12th December
Sweden12th December
Ireland13th December
Austria13th December
Poland13th December
Italy13th December
Belgium14th December
Netherlands14th December
Norway14th December
Japan14th December
N.Ireland19th December
UK (excl. N.Ire)20th December

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