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Warhammer 40K First Season, War Zone Nachmund: Vigilus Alone Preview!

The first season has arrived for Warhammer 40,000 – and Nachmund is in the hot seat. This crucial system is being torn apart as myriad factions duke it out for strategically vital assets, particularly the planet Vigilus. War Zone Nachmund: Vigilus Alone goes up for pre-order this weekend, giving you the tools to take part in the brutal slugfest.

40k VigilusAloneContents Jan24 Image1

Vigilus Alone is loaded to the gills with rules and lore for this hellish war zone and the forces fighting over it. To give you an idea of what’s inside, let’s crack open the contents of the book.

Vigilus Alone Contents

As you can see, nearly half of Vigilus Alone is dedicated to delivering new background information and art, offering a full view of the ebb and flow of the war.

Abaddon the Despoiler isn’t ready to give up on his prize quite yet. The Warmaster has called in his most elite forces to make sure the job gets done – and all that stands against him are the righteous armies of the Imperial faithful, their religious fervour stoked into a defiant inferno.

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