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Monday, September 25, 2023

Privateer Press Previews New Releases For Monsterpocalypse

Hello, everyone!

I hope you had a monsterful holiday season. January is a special month for Monsterpocalypse with the launch of the First Guardians and Ancient Ones line. Inspired by ancient Mayan and Aztec lore, these Factions tip their respective hats to many of the stories, creatures, and gods of those people. Of course, we have history for the two Factions coming to you soon, but for now let’s talk about all the gameplay information we know you’re eager to hear!

King of Camazotz

The King of Camazotz sees combat as a bloodsport. He uses his massive size to bully other monsters. In Alpha form, the King has all the hallmarks of a raging demon. With flight, high mobility, SPD 6, and Bloodsport, this chonky bat is deceptively mobile. He only has 4 health in his Alpha form, making it a short and furious incarnation. But the King’s 11 health can be deceptive. With Vampirism and Onslaught, the King can dish out some damage and keep his own damage track at full health. As he brawls with his opponents, his Skull Bat units can smell the scent of blood and appear by his side to feast on his enemies.

Full Story Here!

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