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Privateer Press House Kallyss Releases in April!

New Starter Pack coming in April for Dusk House Kallyss for Warmachine


  • Hellyth, Scyir of Nightfall (warcaster)
  • Ghast Light Warjack (4x Head 8x Arm/Weapon options)             
  • Eidolon Heavy Warjack (7x Head 3x Arm/Weapon options)
  • Soulless Guardian Unit (5 models)
  • Soulless Hunters Unit (5 models)
  • Dreadguard Slayer Unit (3 models)
  • Seeker Adepts (3 models)
  • Seeker Wardens ( 2 models)
  • Void Shaper

From the ashes of the once great Iosan empire have risen the new houses of Eldritch Lords, who now reign over their Kingdom of Eternal Dusk. House Kallyss has emerged as one of the strongest of this new Iosan Court. The enlightened eldritch who lead the house have dedicated their existences to the defense of the Iron Kingdoms as they seek to redeem their doomed people even while accepting their dark fate. The Dusk House Kallyss starter set includes all the models a player needs to play a 50-point game of WARMACHINE. The set contains the gunmage warcaster, Hellyth, Scyir of Nightfall, two customizable warjacks each with a suite of weapon and head options, two Soulless infantry units, one Dreadguard Slayer unit, a trio of Seeker Adepts, two Seeker Wardens, and a Void Shaper.

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