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Privateer Press Fall 2022 Release Update

September Monsterpocalypse Releases

Please note the following September 30, 2022 releases will now be releasing on October 14, 2022. We apologize for the inconvenience.
51194 Tectomoc, Monsterpocalypse Elemental Champions Monster
51195 Mucustos, Monsterpocalypse Savage Swarm Monster
51196 Earth Kami & Water Avatar, Monsterpocalypse Elemental Champions Unit
51197 Vice Pinchers and Steelback Roaches, Monsterpocalypse Savage Swarm Unit
October WARMACHINE MKIV Releases
Please note the following October 28, 2022 releases will be delayed. We will have an updated street date shortly. We apologize for the inconvenience.
21000 Cygnar Storm Legion Core Army Starter, Warmachine MKIV
22000 Orgoth Sea Raiders Core Army Starter, Warmachine MKIV
21190 Starter Magnet Pack
21116 Warmachine MKIV Launch Kit
November WARMACHINE MKIV releases
To guarantee receiving the initial shipment of November releases that will ship prior to the street date, orders were due on September 30, 2022. However, we have extended that by two weeks. 

Orders are now due by October 14, 2022.As always, we will accept orders after that date, we just can’t guarantee they will ship before street date, but we will of course try.  For ease in ordering you may download the retailer and customer order forms (click here).
21003 Cygnar warcaster Major Anson Wolfe, Warmachine MKIV
22003 Orgoth Warcaster Horruskh, The Thousand Wraths, Warmachince MKIV
24000Khador Winter Korps Core Army Starter, Warmachine MKIV
24003 Khador Warcaster Kapitan Ekaterina Baranova, Warmachine MKIV
21190 Starter Magnet Pack

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