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Privateer Press Announces New Warmachine Faction

WARMACHINE debuted in 2003 with four iconic Factions. HORDES followed in 2006, adding four more Factions to the pantheon of Iron Kingdoms warfare, but then it wouldn’t be until 2009 as we announced the second edition of WARMACHINE that we would debut the next Faction for the game: the Retribution of Scyrah, which would bridge the first edition of WARMACHINE with its successor. But as our most recent storyline concludes, so does the Retribution, making way for the next evolution of the Iosan people…

As we embark on the fourth edition of WARMACHINE, all eyes are on the “new” group that will enter the game, regardless of which side of the battlefield you expect them to be on. Thus, the next Faction to become part of the WARMACHINE pantheon is the Empire of the Eternal Dusk, what we just call “Dusk” for short. And within that Faction, the first army to represent them is House Kallyss, a prominent group that has eschewed the insular and reclusive ways of their predecessors in an effort to stand by the neighboring Iron Kingdoms against the Orgoth. But the trust of the human nations is hard won after centuries of enmity and when one’s existence requires the continual sacrifice of others.

What the future holds for House Kallyss and the Empire of the Eternal Dusk remains to be written, but for now, we have a glimpse of what is to come.

Hazaroth, Narcissar of Ruin

Hazaroth is amongst those ancient eldritch who have long existed in the shadows of Iosan society. An immense creature of death and filled with selfish pride, Hazaroth ventured from the darkness not to seek redemption or the betterment of his people but instead to find power in the opportunities arising in the wake of the fall of the gods. He is mockingly called the Narcissar of Ruin by his compatriots, who see his nature as well as his enormous stature for what they are and who are willing to utilize the undying necromancer as another weapon in their grim arsenal.

  • When a friendly undead non-Leader Faction warrior model within 10˝ of Hazaroth is disabled, he can spend 1 focus point to remove 1 damage point from the disabled model to keep it in play.
  • Possesses the Escort and Shadowmancer spells.
  • His Restorations of Shadow feat says, “Remove all damage from extra-large and smaller based models in Hazaroth’s battlegroup currently in his control area. Additionally, each warjack currently in Hazaroth’s control range gains 1 focus point.”

Full Details Here

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