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Monsterpocalypse Monday: November Previews

By Privateer Press

on November 8, 2021

November comes with some shocking new models for Monsterpocalypse. Even as the Mythic Monsterpocalypse board game Kickstarter heats up, we are full-steam ahead with new releases of our own. It is important to note that neither of these models will be part of the Mythic Kickstarter campaign.

This month features more alternate elite sculpts, specifically the S-Type Shinobi, Bellower, Courser, Toxxo, Squix, and Shinobot. Along with these sets of awesome new sculpts come two much-anticipated new monsters: Robo Kondo and Zor-Voltis. So, November’s theme is electricity, with a super-charged Ubercorp mechanical monstrosity and an electrically enhanced shinobi. Now let’s get to the rules for these two monsters.

Robo Kondo has a massive jetpack that is capable of sustained flight, giving it a great deal of mobility. Its action, Rocket Boost, enhances that sense of a flying monkey. The ability allows this monster to make short hops during both your Unit and Monster Phases, becoming the first monster with built-in movement during the Unit Phase. Robo Kondo’s movement shenanigans don’t end there either—it kept the Tantrum rule from its organic forebear.

Then there is the big new rule, Subsidize. Ubercorp receives money from wealthy countries all over the world for defense contracts and from those they allegedly “protect.” With all that money, they have endless resources to pour into the most expensive toys. Why play with normal Carnitrons when you can just pay for the upgrade using other people’s funds? A quick note on this rule: due to the “to a minimum of 1” text, this benefit can never allow you to spawn a unit for free. If you use the rule, the model will always cost at least 1 Action Die to spawn, even if you use another rule to reduce its cost even further.

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