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Games Workshop Preview Kill Team Critical Ops!

Kill Team is a fantastic game to fit quick Warhammer action into a busy day – it only needs a handful of models and an hour or so to fight exhilarating skirmish battles. But what if you could speed the setup of your next Matched Play game even more? With, say, a pack of handy reference cards bristling with bitesize rules and mission plans?

This deck is great for introducing beginners to their first few matches. Alongside the free Lite Rules and Intercession Squad downloads, you can bust out exciting games at a moment’s notice, and later on combine the deck with the full Core Book for the complete rules.*

Each of the three new missions provides simple objectives compatible with all nine map cards, which you can build up using whatever terrain you have to hand – be it Kill Team scenery, upturned mugs, discarded egg cartons, or the gaming tables at your local Warhammer store.

Full Details Here!

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