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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Fallout Pre-order Available from Modiphius

Today we’re delighted to announce the pre-order release of the much anticipated wave of products for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, with the New Vegas Rules ExpansionNCR: Core Boxand Caesar’s Legion: Core Box now available, plus the release of the awesome Robots: Robobrain which is shipping now!
We also have three awesome bundles, the New Vegas NCR Forces BundleNew Vegas Caesar’s Legion Forces Bundle and the mighty New Vegas Hoover Dam Bundle to help you make the most of your investment and each includes sets that will not be available until June and July!
All pre-orders are expected to ship next month, May 2021, and the New Vegas Expansion, NCR and Caesar’s Legion core boxes should reach retail in late May.
Don’t forget today’s a very special #FalloutFriday, so be sure to check out Jon Webb’s new blog to hear more about the New Vegas Rules Expansion and see the latest community entries and some further details on this expansion. Now, enough talking let’s get to it!
Fallout – Accessories: New Vegas Rules ExpansionEnter the dangerous world of the Mojave wasteland, Fight over its future at the Hoover Dam, and get some R and R on the lush New Vegas Strip – if you can afford the entry fee! The Mojave wasteland stretches from New California Territory to the contested Hoover Dam, containing all sorts of treasures for the bold and dangers for the unwary. For those who come out on tip there is glory or territory to be gained; the unlucky join the desert sands of feed the geckos.The risks are high, but the rewards are great, all within sight of the glowing lights of New Vegas! The New Vegas Rules Expansion includes cards for playing with new Fallout: Wasteland Warfare sets, as well as rules and scenarios for playing in the Mojave wasteland. The rulebook also includes a guide to building and painting your NCR and Legion models, a miniatures gallery, new rules for storyline events, a five mission campaign allowing you to refight the battle for the Hoover Dam (with the faction of your choice) and mini achievements to try to earn in games.
Includes cards for:
– NCR Core Box- NCR Ranger Patrol- NCR Top Brass- Caesar’s Legion Core Box- Caesar’s Legion Veteran Wave- Caesar’s Legion Military Command- Tabitha and Raul- Nightkin- Marcus and Lily- Boone, Arcade, and Cass- Ed-E, Rex, and Veronica- Securitron Enforcers- Burned ManIncludes 43 Poker and 148 Euro mini pop-out cards.
Fallout: Wasteland Warfare – NCR: Core BoxThe New Californian Republic rose from the ashes of the great war to rebuild and rejuvenate swathes of what as the western united states. Starting from a small trading town, it expanded and grew, and now covers tracts of land all the way up to New Vegas and the Hoover Dam. Their aims are to build and protect, but not all believe in this new system or it’s protectors. With this in mind the Republic has built up its fighting forces to include rangers and troopers, all capable warriors with skilled tactical leaders and firepower to boot. They are ambitious, seemingly righteous, and ready to take on all comers in their fight for the land they see as theirs.Includes:Veteran RangerHeavy Trooper2x Patrol Rangers3x Troopers7x scenic bases
Fallout: Wasteland Warfare – Caesar’s Legion: Core BoxDictatorship or unity are a matter of point of view. While many of the actions and edicts of Caesar are tyrannical and brutal, they forge great warriors and hardiness out of the men and women who embrace them, from the Grand Canyon to the Colorado river. With New Vegas in sight and the Mojave wasteland ripe to be conquered, Caesar’s Legion marches forth to glory. Led by a Centurion and a Decanus, this core set includes the start of a mighty host, ready to take Caesar’s rule to the wastes.Includes:CenturionDecanusLegion Explorer3x Legion Prime2x Legion Recruits8x scenic bases
Fallout: Wasteland Warfare – New Vegas Hoover Dam BundleEverything you need to stage the huge conflict and battles for the contested Hoover Dam in one bundle. Includes:1x Burned Man Promo1x Fallout New Vegas Rules Expansion1x Caesar’s Legion Core1x Caesar’s Legion Veteran Wave1x Caesar’s Legion Military Command1x NCR: Core Box1x NCR: Ranger Patrol1x NCR: Top Brass
Fallout: Wasteland Warfare – New Vegas NCR Forces BundleEverything you need to start your NCR force to take on all comers.Includes:1x Burned man Promo1x Fallout New Vegas Rules Expansion1x NCR: Core Box1x NCR: Ranger Patrol1x NCR: Top BrassFallout: Wasteland Warfare – New Vegas Caesar’s Legion Forces BundleEverything you need to start your Caesar’s Legion force to take on all comers.Includes:1x Burned Man Promo1x Fallout New Vegas Rules Expansion1x Caesar’s Legion Core1x Caesar’s Legion Veteran Wave1x Caesar’s Legion Military Command
Robots: RobobrainRobCo Industries assisted General Atomics International before the war to answer a question for the military – could the speed, power and durability of a robot be successfully married to the brainpower of a human? Robobrains are the answer to that question! Armed and armored to military standards, they are formidable opponents for any who attempt to loot the secret installations where they abide and calculating foes out in the wasteland. For use with Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Miniatures Core Rules and Automatron expansion.
Includes:2x Robobrains

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