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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Catalyst Game Labs – Wolfhound IIC Premium Miniature, Touring the Stars: Rocky Now Available!

In 2021, Catalyst ran production and marketing tests of premium BattleMech figures, producing the Tukayyid variants of the Black Knight and the Stormcrow. Only a few hundred of these were ever offered for sale.

Now, thanks to our friends at Monster Fight Club, we are taking this to the next level.

Available now is the Wolfhound IIC. A Clan-rebuild of Phelan Kell’s original Grinner, this fast, aggressive design comes with three different pairs of legs and four arms, allowing fans to assemble it in a variety of poses. The ultimate in battlefield customization! Also, with 4x initial availability, improved efficiency brings the price down $10 to an amazing $14.99. 

Due to fan enthusiasm for this design, we will limit sales during the first week to two per person. However, we guarantee future print runs will be made available as we continue to optimize the premium line to your expectations.

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