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Friday, September 29, 2023

Big, Nasty, and Brilliant, Nick Bibby mighty monster (110mm long) restored

Sometimes you get the chance to restore a piece of wargame miniature history and the first of two this spring has now arrived.  One of the finest and largest single piece castings of the 1980’s has returned.  The D6 Dragon Lizard Juggernaut and we have even restored the sword which it can hold in its claw!  Find it along with the other Fantasy Asgard miniatures on the website and in the new Nick Bibby Asgard Miniatures page where is work is collected.

At 110mm long and 50mm tall this model is imposing and works well in any scale which you can see in the 15mm and 28mm next to picture.  Shown is BP1 Sternbow one of Jez Goodwin’s Barbarians and also MDA38 Illusionist from the Tabletop 15mm Fantasy Range.

The level of detail on this miniature is simply superb.  Here is the Juggernaut from all angles.  It is tough to get it all in one picture!

Cast in high quality metal it looks as good as it first did upon release in 1982.  It joins the now over eighty restored miniatures from Asgard.

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