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Hazelwurm and Colabreta Lifter 15mm vehicles released…
The Khanate break out from the Belkan expanse saw an ever increasing mass of aliens boiling towards the capital city of Camarthan Prime.  While the bulk of the Planetary Defence Forces were in Pelcan City preparing as best they could for the approaching Legionaries of the Styx and Medusa Legions and their tens of thousands of Malig goblinoids not all the aliens marched in that direction.  While more than a million civilians streamed out of Pelcan City away from the enemy many thousands of Khanate slave troops broke north and headed across barren land to the arctic snows of Tarma to the small secondary space port near the pole.  Communications were patchy at best but the three regiments of Planetary Militia in their cold climes gear did learn of the oncoming aliens.  The task of eviscerating the Tarma space port was given to the Beotans of the Styx Legion.  These beastial warriors covered ground rapidly and it was only ten days before the outer perimeter was tested.  At Migg Peak a thousand human militia supported by Hazelwurm and Colabreta vehicles and Steornede Battlesuits met the Beotan tide and it broke against them.  Though Tarma burned mere days later it did give time for the militia to evacuate all non combatants south.  Sadly they did not know that Pelcan City was already lost. 

Academy Auto-Trainer Series 59, New Glastonbury, 4334IC 
First of two groups of releases this month for the Ion Age 15mm science fiction range one of the biggest ranges in the world for space opera wargaming.  Joining the wheeled variants are three hover versions of the Hazelwurm Patrol Lifter and Colabreta Patrol Carrier / Command Carrier.  These light vehicles provide mobility for the Planetary Militia.  Go HERE for the whole range and have a browse.

Winter Mega Event 2021 is on until 3rd December.  20% off all orders at checkout automatically, 30 new releases (almost daily reveal across November), deals and offers plus free Cadaver Monster (multi-scale use worth 6.00GBP) in every package shipped. Go to the WEBSITE.

IAF176 Hazelwurm Patrol Lifter MkII: The defence forces of the worlds in the Prydian Precinct do a lot of their work not only in rural areas but also in built up cities and as a result they need a small vehicle that can respond quickly to incidents. This vehicle it can carry four in its lightly armoured cabin. This code comprises a highly detailed 15mm scale resin vehicle supplied in one piece.

IAF177A Colabreta Patrol Carrier Lifter MkI: The ‘battle bus’ used by the defence forces of Precinct worlds is a hardy beast indeed. The Colabreta can carry five to ten troopers depending on their gear and can be relied upon to deliver not only those troopers but also to aid them in combat by virtue of its twin turret mounted 12.5mm AP guns. This code comprises a highly detailed 15mm scale resin vehicle supplied in two pieces those being the lifter hull and then the turret. 

IAF177B Colabreta Command Lifter MkIII: Defence forces always need to co-ordinate their patrols and battles so as a result the MkIII Colabreta was designated command and control roles. It carries a staff of four or five with the rest of the space in the vehicle given over to a suite of screens and computers linked into a top mounted dish. This code comprises a highly detailed 15mm scale resin vehicle supplied in three pieces those being the lifter hull, the top comms plate and a metal dish.

Other infantry, platoon packs, battlesuits, artillery, personalities and vehicle codes which go along with these new releases are all collected under the PLANTARY MILITIA tab in the miniature range.  For the Camarthen campaign see The Khanate Return book.

Now is a great time to get into Patrol Angis.  The core book contains all the rules you need for skirmish gaming (there is a game pack too which gives you lots of 15mm miniatures plus the book with a saving baked in), Callsign Taranis contains expansion rules for all manner of vehicles and more while The Khanate Return is a setting and army book giving you the Shia Khan Empire with its troops and the Planetary Militia.  In print and as downloads.  Go HERE.

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