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Thrills & Chills RPGs in the Free League Halloween Sale

Up to 50% OFF On Selected RPG Core Books & Modules in the Free League Webshop
Darkness is creeping closer. You can feel it breathe down your neck.
But what is hiding behind you, what is that thing creeping in the shadows or lurking beneth your feet?
Rest assured, we have a plethoria of horrifying adventures for you to explore, scary in oh so many different ways…

The Free League Halloween Sale is now live and offers up to 50% OFF on a selection of thrilling, award-winning tabletop roleplaying games and modules. The Halloween Sale includes:

ALIEN RPG – Stay alive if you can.
Vaesen RPG – Something lurks in the shadows…
Tales From the Loop RPG – Solve the mystery.
Things From the Flood RPG – This time you can die.

Explore the Free League Halloween Sale in the webshop!
[The sale is live October 29 – November 1]

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