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Pinnacle Entertainment Group Kickstarter Holler RPG For Savage Worlds Now Available

What is a “Holler?”

Holler (Definition): For those who aren’t from the Appalachian mountains of North America, “to holler” means to yell or scream. A “hollow” (pronounced “holler”) is also a term for an isolated valley nestled between deep, dark, forested hills, that is usually home to a few scattered families.

What is Holler RPG?

In Holler RPG for Savage Worlds, the mysterious “Big Boys” own the mines, mills, and logging operations. They rule over every aspect of their workers’ lives—subjecting them to extraordinary dangers on the job and crushing oppression outside of it.

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The flora and fauna of the Holler grow more monstrous by the day. Demons of every description lurk in the forests. Mutant cryptids haunt villages with their strange cries and appetites. Vengeful haints leer from abandoned shacks and lonely cliffs.

No one is coming to save the people of Holler. They’ve got to take matters into their own hard-worked hands. It’ll take miners, granny women, gougers, moonshiners, bluegrass pickers, and holy rollers willing to fight and die to protect their culture, customs, and family. Folks who have the bravery to stare straight into the abyss and spit in its eye. 

 The goal of the resistance is to build a coalition, to bring together diverse factions—humble workers, roustabouts, mountain men, dirt track racers, cultists, and even strange creatures of myth and legend to raze the works of the Big Boys and drive them from the Holler forever.

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