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Ruins of the Lost Realm for The One Ring™ RPG Out Now

“Long was the way that fate them bore, o’er stony mountains cold and grey, Through halls of iron and darkling door, and woods of nightshade morrowless.”
Enter Middle-earth and explore the lone-lands of Eriador! Ruins of the Lost Realm, the first expansion for the award-winning second edition of The One Ring™ RPG based on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien was officially released  today.Get The One Ring™ RPG: Ruins of the Lost Realm here!In the westlands of Eriador, between the Misty Mountains and the Mountains of Lune, the Hobbits found both Men and Elves. Indeed, a remnant still dwelt there of the Dúnedain, the kings of Men that came over the Sea out of Westernesse; but they were dwindling fast and the lands of their North Kingdom were falling far and wide into waste. A region often described as deserted becomes a crucible for adventure.

Kickstarter Backer? Ruins of the Lost Realm was available as an add-on in the Kickstarter for The One Ring™. We are aware that a few of these add-on orders have not yet reached their destinations, especially in North America. Please know that we are working very hard with our fulfillment partner to make sure the remaining orders arrive as soon as possible.
Ruins of the Lost Realm is a beautifully illustrated 120-page hardcover volume.


Chapter 1: Fog Over Eriador offers a description of the regions that once were part of the kingdom of Arnor, with a focus on the city of Tharbad.

Chapter 2: A Gathering Storm provides the Loremaster with a set of narrative elements aimed at building a possible future for the land of Eriador as a whole, including the description of many looming threats, Loremaster characters and their agendas.

Chapter 3: Landmarks adds twelve sites of interest in the style of the one presented in the core volume. These locations depict both ‘historical’ sites mentioned in The Lord of the Rings™ or The Hobbit™, and others that have been created specifically for the game.
The histories tell that the King returned in 3019 and brought better days — but there may be lost tales that tell what happened in the lone-lands in the many decades before the War of the Ring.
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