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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Ranger Month Week 3!

Three weeks of celebrating the recent release of the Power Rangers Roleplaying Game! Today we’ve again got plenty going on and want to show you all how special you are to the team here at Renegade!

First Up – Monster of the Week!

Each week in February we’re sharing a new Threat you can use in your own games. This week it’s one of Venjix’s main attack bots, Lightning Bot! His powerful lightning attack and ability to control machines and technology make Lightning Bot a tough opponent for any Ranger team! Not only that, but he can also summon Grinders to make things extra difficult for the good guys! These nasty fellows will be covered next week!

Second – Power Rangers Streams on Twitch!

  • 3PM Pacific – Daddy Louie will be painting some Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid minis live on stream! Watch a master at work and get some tips & tricks you can use on your own miniatures!
  • 5PM Pacific – Power Rangers Roleplaying Game Character Creation – Join Jonathan Ying, Power Rangers Super-Fan and designer of Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid as he goes through the process of creating his very own Roleplaying Game character, this time with an out-of-this-world twist!
  • 7PM Pacific – Day of Destiny Actual Play Rerun – If you’ve been following along on our rerun of our Power Rangers Roleplaying Game Actual Play, tune in for the latest episode! If you’re not, it’s time to catch up on all the episodes on Youtube!

Third, don’t worry, we’re still hard at work on a FAQ as well as a Threat Creation Guide, both of which we’ll be sharing later this month! We’re loving seeing and hearing about so many of you diving into the game with your groups, so please keep it up!

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