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New Five Parsecs From Home – Freelancer’s Handbook

The Freelancer’s Handbook is a 66-page expansion for Five Parsecs From Home 3rd Edition, with new options for characters and adventures. This digital release includes a No-Minis Combat Resolution system and expands mission generation, quest progression, and Connections rule for richer stories!

The Five Parsecs From Home: Freelancer’s Handbook includes:Meet two new crew species – the Skulkers and the Krag – and discover how to integrate psionics into your campaign.New Kit – psionics, new Bot upgrades, new ship parts, and new training options.

Game Options:No-Minis Combat Resolution – Play Five Parsecs without miniatures or a map.Expanded Ways to Play – Expanded missions, expanded quest progression, and expanded connections.Dramatic combat – New combat and weapon tweaks to make your firefights more exciting and action packed.

Scenarios & Settings:Fringe World Strife – Add chaos and unpredictability to the worlds of the Fringe.Loans: Who Do You Owe? – Expanded detail for your ship loans.Salvage Jobs – A new type of mission that lets you explore a site full of unknown riches… and dangers.

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