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Modiphius Announces Limited Imperial Edition of Dune RPG Rulebook

This is a pre-order. We will be receiving this stock in waves and there will be further pre-orders through the summer in case you miss out. The first wave is expected to ship to customers in April 2022. Due to very limited numbers, this item is only available from modiphius.net. Pre-order customers will receive PDF versions of the standard core rulebook now.

SHIPPING NOTICE: This item includes free shipping but if your order includes any other items, this will trigger a shipping cost for those items, and they will be shipped separately. Please note, we’ll reach out to you when it’s ready to ship to confirm your shipping address.

The Dune: Adventures in the Imperium Core Rulebook Imperial Edition is a full custom-bound, handcrafted version of the core rulebook.

This limited edition collectors item is wrapped in leather, bound by hand using artisanal medieval techniques, and bearing a stunning custom-weathered antique brass coverplate engraved with a dramatic worm rider design. The distinctive qualities of this special edition ensure it looks and feels as though it belongs on Arrakis, and it would blend seamlessly into the design of the recent movie adaptation.

This webstore exclusive premium collectors item is extremely limited in number, with only 150 being made. Each purchase comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity from the studio of El Artesano Del Rey who have meticulously handcrafted the Imperial Edition for fans and collectors alike. The final item may vary slightly from images due to the handcrafting process.

Full Details Here!

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