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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

IKRPG: Gravediggers are here

It is time to go over the top once more with this month’s expansion to Iron Kingdoms: Requiem!

The campaign setting for Requiem included a background to represent a character as a former member of the Trencher Corps, the hard-as-nails frontline force of the Cygnaran Army. But the Trencher Corps is not as…stringent about uniformity as some other groups are (cough, Storm Knights, cough), and over the decades since their inception, different companies of Trenchers have developed their own areas of focus, traditions, and preferred fighting doctrines.

The Gravediggers presents several Companies of Renown from the history of the Corps, which modify the basic Trencher background to represent the many varieties of Trenchers. It goes further, with new firearms and equipment common among the Trenchers, rules for the Hunter light warjack chassis and its variants, as well as a selection of Trencher NPCs to expand the hirelings—or opponents—characters might meet on the front lines of the Iron Kingdoms, including one of the most notorious soldiers to ever set foot in the trenches, Captain Maxwell Finn!

The Gravediggers DLC is available now!

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