Free League Announces Tales from the Lone Lands for The One Ring RPG

Tales From the Lone-Lands


Tales From the Lone-Lands Announced

Free League today announced Tales From the Lone-Lands for the award-winning 2nd edition of The One Ring™ RPG, based on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.

The expansion includes six adventures set in the lone-lands of north-western Middle-earth.These adventures are all set in the lone-lands of northwestern Middle-earth and can be played individually or as part of a campaign. The six adventures are as follows: A Troll-Hole, If Ever There Was OneKings of Little Kingdoms; Messing About In Boats; Not To Strike Without NeedWonder of the Northern World and The Quest of Amon Guruthos. All of these adventures take place in the years around 2965 of Middle-earth.