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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Modiphius Announces The Troubleshooters RPG

We’re delighted to announce the release of a wave of new books, dice and accessories from The Troubleshooters, a brand new action-adventure RPG of international mystery from the makers of KULT: Divinity Lost.
The game launches with core book, GM Screen, Dice and a host of accessories to enhance your play in both physical and PDF form on Modiphius.net, and to pre-order in phyiscal form on Modiphius.US. Print books contain a code to claim a free PDF version.
There’s a lot to cover so let’s get started on this fantastic new RPG which is influenced by classic European adventures series like TintinSpirou et Fantasio, and Yoko Tsuno!
Core Rulebook“Where in the world will your next adventure take you?”
Welcome to The Troubleshooters, an action-adventure roleplaying game of international mystery. Set in the mid-1960s in a world with mysterious temples hidden in the jungles, valleys that time forgot, mad scientists, space stations, spies with super gadgets and villainous organizations scheming for world control, the characters live adventurous lives all over the world. No matter if it is a hunt for lost treasure, helping someone to get their inheritance, stopping spies from stealing military secrets, or foiling The Octopus’ evil plans for world domination, you just go on adventures!
Inspired by French and Belgian comics like Tintin, Spirou et Fantasio, Yoko Tsuno and others, The Troubleshooters takes you on exciting adventures around the globe.With gorgeous art in the same style and intuitive and fast-paced rules, The Troubleshooters sucks you in to explore exotic locations all over the world!
The U-Boat Mystery
A kidnapping. A map. A lost U-boat
There is something fishy going on in Paris. The kidnapping of journalist Pierre Martin seems to be connected to a marine expedition to the island kingdom Sitomeyang on the other side of the globe. Clues point to the mysterious organization The Octopus, whose tentacles reaches everywhere.
Only a band of intrepid troubleshooters can find out how all of this is connected and solve the U-Boat Mystery.An exciting adventure which takes you from Paris to a lost U-boat on the other side of the world!Can the adventurers figure out who is behind the kidnapping, and find the secret of the lost U-boat from WW2?The adventure is suitable for 3-5 players.
GM ScreenHide your secrets from your players with the Director’s Control Display. The bilingual Director’s Control Display gives you access to the most vital information in the game, while hiding your secrets from the players.
Features:A GM screen with three portrait panels, with the most vital information on the inside – bilingual in French and English.A gorgeous illustration by Ronja Melin, the illustrator of the game, on the outside.
DicePlay The Troubleshooters as it was meant to be played with these custom dice! This set of custom dice contains 7 six-sided dice and 2 ten-sided dice (one numbered 0-9 and one numbered with the tens 00 to 90).
Features:Seven six-sided dice and two ten-sided dice in red with white faces.Special designs on the six-sided dice makes it easy to read the results!
Passport International 5-pack
A set of five 32 page booklets to keep track of your Troubleshooter’s adventures and personal data, each with a different cover with an international theme.With plenty of space for notes and visa stamps – perfect for the globetrotting adventurer!
Equipment CardsMap PackCharts & Blueprints
We hope you’ll enjoy this intriguing new RPG and look out for more releases from The Troubleshooters coming soon!
Best wishes,
Modiphius Entertainment

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