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Free League Holiday Gift Guide!

The Holidays are coming, a time to enjoy with family and friends. So relax, cuddle up in comfy chairs and go on fantastic adventures together,  at home or online, in your favourite tabletop roleplaying games.

Enter dark forests or travel into space, join an expedition to Antarctica, explore a devastated world or solve mysteries together in the Mythic North?  We just want you to have a magical time whatever you decide to do. Just make sure to do it all in your own pace, in between unwrapping gifts and eating silly amounts of candy.
 We wish you a magical journey into the unknown.
 Happy Holidays in advance from Free League! 

Free League Holiday Gift Guide 2021

For the Post Apocalyptic Preppers: Twilight: 2000
For the Space Travellers: ALIEN The Roleplaying Game
For the Mystery Solvers: Vaesen – Nordic Horror Roleplaying
For the Explorers: At the Mountains of Madness – Volume I & II
For the Adventurers: Symbaroum Starter Set: Treasure Hunts in Davokar

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