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Turbo Dork Paints Review

I’ve been an avid minis painter for going on 20+ years. While I don’t have the patience to create something that’s going to win awards, I still prefer to play board games with painted minis. I mean, even sloppy minis with a splash of color are better than dull gray plastic. And there is nothing wrong with just shooting for “tabletop quality” when painting minis. It definitely gets the job done.

That being said, I’ve also worked my way through a variety of different paint brands over the years. I’ve run the full range from random acrylic paints I got at Hobby Lobby all the way up to the pricey Citadel paints. Today I mainly use a mixture of paints from Army Painter, Reaper, and Games Workshop (contrast paints). But a new brand has caught my eye.

With a logo yanked straight out of the 80s, Turbo Dork has definitely figured out its brand. Unlike paints from Reaper or Vallejo, Turbo Dork doesn’t seem to be interested in replacing your every day, general-use paints. They have a lane and they are driving down it with a semi-truck.

Their company apparently started out in 2018 “as one man’s quest to find the perfect metallic purple for his Emperor’s Children”. And that’s what Turbo Dork paints focus on. Metallic colors, and also, shifting colors (I may need to bust out my Generra Hypercolor t-shirt for the rest of this review) are their bread and butter. So curious as to what these paints were about, I asked the company to send me a few samples, and here’s what I found out.

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