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Team Yankee West Germans on Pre-Order from Battlefront

The team at Battlefront miniatures has been hard at work on their Team Yankee line for a fictional WWIII and have finished the next release of World War III: West Germans From the website.”

World War III: West German

Inside You Will Find:

  • Background on the West German army,1. Panzerdivision, 3. Panzerdivision,Kampfgruppe Müller, and Panzerlehrbrigade 9.
  • Instructions on how to build Leopard 2A5,Leopard 2, & Leopard 1 Panzer, Marder 2,Marder 1, & M113 Panzergrenadier, & three different Panzeraufklärungs companies.
  • Three Scenarios to test your skills with your West German force.
  • A detailed painting guide to help you prepare your West Germans for combat.

Battlefront Link

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