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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Raising the Standard: Building an English Civil Wars Army

With Pike & Shotte Epic Battles now available for pre-order, and plenty of pre-order collections available to get you the most bang for your buck (or possibly pike for your pound?), it’s the perfect time to think about what sort of force you want to put together – but what makes a Pike & Shotte force in the first place? Helpfully, I managed to collar Pike & Shotte’s author, Steve Morgan, to pick his brains on this very subject! In between frenzied muttering about “falling buffs” and “confined breeches”, he provided some very useful advice indeed! In this article, we’ll very much focus on the English Civil Wars, but future features will centre on building armies of the Thirty Years’ War.

A Royalist Army at Muster, under the command

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