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Preview of Battle of Legends: Rome vs Macedon – a Commands & Colors inspired wargame

Recently I was contacted by Hasan Ali Hatipoğlu, a great fan of Commands and Colors system. He was (and he still is) designing his own game inspired by this great series. You know that I love C&C games, so it did not take me long to get the prototype of Battle of Legends: Rome vs Macedon. I had a chance to play all of its base scenarios, familiarizing in the process with the mechanics, components, rules and theme. Below my report, impressions as well as details on the design itself.

About The Game

Battle of Legends: Rome vs Macedon is a two-player board game that focuses on four battles fought between Roman Republic and Macedonian Kingdom in the 3rd and 2nd centuries BC, namely

  • Elis (208 BC),
  • Aous (198 BC),
  • Cynoscephalae (197 BC),
  • and Pydna (168 BC).

It is developed to simulate those battles on a tactical level with a hex grid board, terrain tiles, unit counters, faction cards, and d6 dice.

Full Story Here!

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