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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Pony Wars Available again From Baccus

I am absolutely delighted to announce that the reprinted Pony Wars rules and card decks are now available to order.

Interest in and demand for these brilliant rules has remained undimmed despite their having been out of print for some thirty years.   We decided to leave the original content and wording exactly how it was first produced, only correcting a few typoes and adding a couple of sections on using figures other than 15mm for the game and listing a more up to date range of available figures.

The end result, contains Ian Beck’s original enthusiastic prose in a form brought up to modern production standards.  We also took the opportunity to produce a set of laminated cards which are needed to drive the game along.

You can order your own set of rules here.

In celebration of this exciting release, we are adding some new items to the Baccus 6mm range for the period.  

The settlers finally get their own transport with which to get them, their loved ones and their possessions to the safety of the fort.

On the other side, you can now set up camp with the Indian Teepees.   These are great fun to paint by the way!

Finally, we have the first of the Pony Wars boxed sets.   The first is, fittingly, a starter set containing the rules and cards, all the mounted US cavalry that you will need, plus a good chunk of the mounted and dismounted braves required for the game.   This is a great value set, so check it out here.

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