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Plastic Soldier Company Restocks 15mm

15mm WW2 German Medium Trucks:  BUY HERE
5 x Opel Blitz trucks. Each sprue contains options to build an L3000 Mercedes cab option, a Maultier option, 2 cargo beds and a canvas tilt

15mm WW2 German Panzer III J-N:  BUY HERE
Easy Assembly plastic injection moulded 15mm German Panzer III Ausf J, L, M, N tank. Five vehicles in the box and each sprue gives options to build either an early J, late J, M, N or Flammpanzer and comes with 2 crew figures, schurzen and a variety of stowage.

15mm WW2 British A9/A10 Cruiser Tank:  BUY HERE
15mm A9/A10 Cruiser tank box set includes 5x A9 or A10 cruiser tanks. Each sprue also includes options to build variant desert sand skirts, A9 close support, A10 MKIIA, A10 MIIA close support and contains tank commanders.

15mm WW2 US Infantry 1944-45:  BUY HERE
145 hard plastic miniatures including 5 bazooka teams and good mix of riflemen, BARs and command figures. Options for Thompson SMGs and carbines. There are even some snipers with Springfield rifles. A US rifle company in a box.

15mm WW2 British Paratroopers:  BUY HERE
The iconic British Red Devils! 144 figures including 3 x 2 inch mortar teams, 3 x PIAT teams and command. All you need for a full 3 platoon plus HQ company

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