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On Military Matters Weekly Update

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Blood Red Skies: The Battle of Midway Starter Set. Contains: 12 x Warlord resin aircraft (6 x Mitsubishi A6-M2 Zero & 6 x Grumman F4F Wildcat); 12 x BRS Advantage Flying Bases; 2 x BRS Midway punchboards; 1 x BRS Plastic Token Sprue; 1 x BRS Battle of Midway Rules Booklet; 1 x BRS Quick Reference Card; 6 x Aircraft Cards (Douglas Dauntless, Douglas Devastator, A6-M2 Zero, Aichi D3A Val, Nakajima B5N Kate & F4F Wildcat); 6 x Aircraft Trait Cards; 17 x Doctrine Cards; 18 x Theater Cards; 12 x BRS Combat Dice; 1 x USN/IJN self-adhesive sticker sheet; and 1 x USN/IJN waterslide decal sheet. $89.00 USD

OMM Discount 10%, now $80.10 USD.

Blood Red Skies: The Battle of Midway Bundle. Contains: The Midway Starter Set… and… 1 x Douglas Dauntless & Devastator squadron with 6 planes and game aids; 1 x F6F Hellcat squadron with 6 planes and game aids; 1 x Aichi D3A Val & Nakajima B5N Kate squadron with 6 planes and game aids; 1 x Nakajima Ki-43 Oscar squadron with 6 planes and game aids; 1 x Airstrike Rulebook. $269.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%, now $228.65 USD.


Lion Rampant: A Viking In The Sun. The Mediterranean Adventures of Harald Hardrada. This expansion for Lion Rampant: Medieval wargaming rules explores the Mediterranean world before the Crusades through the adventures of the exiled Viking prince Harald Hardrada (hard ruler). In this supplement, you will find historical information, new upgrades (from new tactics, such as Feigned Retreat, to terrain upgrades, among others), and three mini-campaigns based on extracts from Norse sagas and Mediterranean chronicles. The first campaign is a fight against a bandit boss in the Holy Land during an armed pilgrimage to rebuild the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem; the second takes place during a Byzantine attempt to retake Sicily from its Muslim rulers; and the third one tackles the early stages of the Norman conquest of Southern Italy. $29.00 USD

Pony Wars: Rules and Card Deck. This edition also comes with a full-color laminated 110-strong card deck, essential for playing the game. Once the current print run is sold out, there are no plans for further editions. The hardback rules themselves are as they were written originally, but with modern production values and presentation. There are extra sections on using the rules with figures larger and smaller than the original 15mm versions used in the demonstration games. $55.00 USD

Peter Bunde Uniform Plates…

382: Austrian Empire: Hussar Regiment No. 7 Prince Liechtenstein 1809-1815. Another in the terrific series. Uniform plate with 20+ color figures, flags or standards, facings, etc. Descriptions on reverse side. $14.00 USD

383: Austrian Empire: Hussar Regiment No. 3 Archduke Ferdinand 1809-1815. Uniform plate with 20+ color figures, flags or standards, facings, etc. Descriptions on reverse side. $14.00 USD


Crosshairs on the Capital: Jubal Early’s Raid on Washington, D.C., July 1864 – Reasons, Reactions, and Results. Focuses on the reasons, reactions and results of Jubal Early’s raid towards Washington DC in 1864. History has judged it to have been a serious threat to the capital, but James H. Bruns examines how the nature of the Confederate raid on Washington in 1864 has been greatly misinterpreted – Jubal Early’s maneuvers were in fact only the latest in a series of annual Southern food raids. It also corrects some of the thinking about Early’s raid, including the reason behind his orders from General Lee to cross the Potomac, and the thoughts behind the proposed raid on Point Lookout and the role of the Confederate Navy in that failed effort. Presents a new perspective by explaining why things happened as they did in 1864. It identifies the cause-and-effect connections that are truly the stuff of history, forging some of the critical background links that oftentimes are ignored or overlooked in books dominated by battles and leaders. $35.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $29.75 USD.

The Siege That Changed the World: Paris 1870-1871. The Siege of Paris from September 1870 to the city’s capitulation in January 1871 was the result of Louis Napoleon III, Emperor of France’s disastrous decision to declare war on Prussia. The Prussian Army of King William I proved vastly superior to their adversaries. As well as providing a vivid description of the siege and fighting, the author of this well-researched account analyses the long-term effects, be they social, military and political, both on France and wider Europe. He argues that while the siege was not particularly costly in terms of human life, its legacy was the reduction of French global influence, the growth of German militarism, the evolution of international communism, and changes in the world order. $43.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $36.55 USD.

Asian Armageddon, 1944-45. Third and last book in the war in the Far East trilogy continues and completes the narrative of how a U.S.-led coalition of nations defeated Japan through a series of cataclysmic encounters. Leyte Gulf, the biggest naval battle ever, was testimony to the paramount importance of controlling the ocean, as was the fact that the U.S. Navy carried out the only successful submarine campaign in history, reducing Japan’s military and merchant navies to shadows of the former selves. Meanwhile, fighting continued in disparate geographic conditions on land, with the chaos of Imphal, the inferno of Manila, and the carnage of Iwo Jima forming some of the milestones on the bloody road to peace, sealed in Tokyo Bay in September 1945. $35.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $29.75 USD.

Blackhorse Tales: Stories of 11th Armored Cavalry Troopers at War. The stories – and those of their families – of the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment (Blackhorse Regiment) represent the Vietnam generation in graphic, sometimes humorous, often heart-wrenching detail. Collected by the author through hundreds of in-person, telephone, and electronic interviews over a period of 25-plus years, these war stories provide context for the companion volume, The Blackhorse in Vietnam. Over the course of the 11th Cavalry’s five-and-a-half years in combat in South Vietnam and Cambodia, starting in 1966, over 25,000 young men served in the regiment. These combat vignettes begin on 2 December 1966, when a small column of 1st Squadron vehicles and troopers was ambushed on Highway 1 and emerged victorious despite being outnumbered. They go on to describe the one-of-a-kind crossing of the Dong Nai River on 25 April 1968, as the Blackhorse Regiment rode to the rescue during Mini-Tet 1968, and the 2nd Squadron’s fight to clear the Boi Loi Woods in late April 1971. $35.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $29.75 USD.


Vae Victis #158: Talvisota, the Winter War 1939-1940. Boardgames: Next War Vietnam (GMT); Brief Border Wars (DG); Great Crisis of Frederick II (VUCA); Caesar (GMT); Hood strikes North (MMP); Atlantic Chase (GMT); C&C Samurai Battles (GMT). Scenarios: Advanced Squad Leader; Memory 44; Guiscard 2; Gettysburg 2e partie. Figurines: Campagne pour le Mali: Operation Serval, scenario + CR. Other: Lasalle: partie commentee; BattleTech; L’affaire d’un dejeuner: version Indes. Hobby: Que chosir: jeux 3e GM; Le wargame en Italie; Verdun 1916: Compte rendu. Art of War and Wargame: Talvisota – The Winter War 1939-1940 (Rules also in English) – Based on a system favoring the fog of war and the uncertainties of military preparations, Talvisota places both players in a situation requiring them to choose their strategies after careful reflection. Maintaining one’s war morale is important, but the decisive results are mainly achieved by considering the potential actions of the other side. In the solo-play mode, the player controls Finland’s destiny against the Soviet steamroller with the same intensity of play. French text (Wargames rules are also in English). $28.00 USD

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