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On Military Matters Weekly Update 02/03/2022

Reminder: OMM continues to remain OPEN for internet orders and shipping. The shoppe is also open for in-person shopping, but you must be fully vaccinated. Call ahead. If you wish to pick up your order at the shoppe, we can also leave the package outside the door.

Most items due into the shoppe in a couple weeks.

Thank you for your continued support.


BELLOLUDI PIKES 1530-1660  Rules & Cards Bundle: Re-fight the the 80 Years, 30 Years and English Civil War in any scale with this popular miniatures rules system. Includes the standard card pack and 2 Command Dice. $49.00

RAPID FIRE: Blitzkrieg Battlegames  The sister publication to Blitzkrieg Battlegroups is now in stock! Includes 14 scenarios covering games of all sizes that are supported by historical background, special rules, and battle maps, plus 54 photos of the British, French, and German forces used in the playtests. $36.00


JOURNAL OF THE SEVEN YEARS WAR ASSOCIATION ISSUE: 23.3  Contents: Review and Outlook ; Call for Submissions ; Article Submission Guidelines ; Developing Amphibious Doctrine: The British Experience in the Seven Years War ; Thomas More Molineux: Father of Amphibious Warfare ; Excerpts for the Services of Lieutenant Colonel Francis Downman, Royal Artillery ; Items of Interest ; Subscription Information ; Journal Staff . $12.00

JOURNAL OF THE SEVEN YEARS WAR ASSOCIATION ISSUE: 23.4  Contents: Review and Outlook ; Call for Submissions ; Article Submission Guidelines ; The Soldiers’ General: Counter Piotr Semionovich Saltykov ; The Dictator-Karl Heinrich von Wedell ; The Battle of Kay/Paltzig-23 July 1759 ; Seven Years War Association Convention Report; Items of Interest ; Subscription Information ; Journal Staff . $12.00


COMBAT 2: From D-Day to V-E Day Campaign Expansion  Add-on module for Combat! You must have Combat! to play this expansion. Various new features have been added such as: Elite Enemies in the form of the SS; a third Squad and command elements for the Americans so Platoon Actions can be gamed with multiple players; new weapons such as the STG44, the Thompson Sub-machine gun, and the Springfield 1903; and much more!  A fully structured campaign game consists of 6 ‘Chapters’, ‘Normandy’, ‘Pursuit’, ‘Hurtgen Forest’, ‘The Bulge’, ‘The Siegfried Line’ and ‘Germany’. Follow the fortunes of your squad from D-day to VE-day performing missions and patrols. Will your squad be an efficient well-disciplined unit or the new Dirty Dozen?  $139.00

OMM Discount 20%, now $111.20  


WORLD AT WAR # 82: Watch on the Oder  Hypothetical two-player game allowing the players to examine the strategic possibilities inherent in the campaign that may have taken place had Hitler decided to send the forces he used historically in the Ardennes to the eastern front. Both sides’ orders of battle are entirely historic within that context. Each of the eight game turns represents four days, and each large hex on the map equals 20 miles. The map runs from the Oder River on the west to the Riga-Pinsk line on the east. Units are German corps and Soviet armies. The turn sequence is I-Go-U-Go, but both players decide if their force will move and fight or fight and move. Playing time is about three hours, and is easily adapted for solitaire play. Complexity is low-medium. The German has to strike hard and fast at the beginning in order to weaken the inevitable Soviet counteroffensive. 

Components: 22×34 inch map, 128 die-cut counters, and magazine. $50.00

OMM Discount 10%, now $45.00  

STRATEGY & TACTICS # 333: Operation Unthinkable  Operation Unthinkable is a two player alternative-history wargame intended to investigate the strategic parameters that would have been in place during the first month of operations had the Anglo-Allies and Soviets gone to war against each other starting on or about July 1945.  The map illustrates the militarily significant terrain found in and around this portion of Germany in 1945 when portrayed at this scale. Each hex on the map represents five miles (8 km) from side to opposite side. The Soviet units of maneuver are corps or corps equivalents (western division equivalents). Those on the Allied side are mostly divisions, along with a separate brigades and regiments. The rules abstractly represent air power with the presumption that the Allies would have unchallengeable air supremacy. Each full game turn represents half a week of real time. 

Components: One 22×34-inch map, 228 counters, and magazine. $50.00

OMM Discount 10%, now $45.00


 MINIATURE WARGAMES: Issue # 467  Cover: Malati Bridge — WWII campaign: Operation Fustian. The Scenario represents a landing using the new War on the Ground rules – ideally suited for smaller scales (12mm and smaller) and includes digital play sheets and maps.  Red Coat War: Concluding Part 2 of the history of the Anglo-Cherokee War of 1758 to 1761 and has downloadable cards and play aids for Black Powder and Rebels and Patriots.  Command Decision: Part 1. Go all ‘Black Hawk Down’ and play Task Force Ranger: a modern combat scenario set in Mogadishu.  An Army a Day: Tips and techniques of fast painting. Paint a complete ACW army in a day? Go 2mm!  Send Three and Fourpence: Gaming with no figures during lockdown. A magnetic approach to 18th Century Kriegspiel.  Battle of Ginnis: Simple rules along with a tribute to Peter Gilder’s Sudan Campaign Rules.  Scratch Build: Build Bro Dawel Welsh cottage. $10.00

WARGAMES SOLDIERS & STRATEGY # 118: Warfare on the Island of Sicily: Sicily: The Boxing Ring of the Mediterranean and Stepping-stone to Europe ; Street Fighting on the Eve of the Punic Wars: Messana: the Spark that Lit a Flame ; Medieval Sicily and the 1300 Battle of Gagliano: The Very Last ‘Desperata Ferro!’ ; Garibaldi and the Battle of Milazzo, 20 July 1860 – Spedizione dei Mille ; A WWII British Bolt Action Scenario Set on Sicily: Assault on Johnny I ; Looking at Sicily Through the Ages: An Offer You Can’t Refuse ; Multiculturalism in Medieval Sicily: Carving Out an Island Kingdom. 

Features: To Catch an Admiral: Operation Vengeance – Killing Yamamoto ; The Death of Brian Born, High King of Ireland – Defend the King! ; A Silver Bayonet Scenario for Two or More Players – Guardian of the Shrine ; A Norwegian Ad-hoc Battalion Ambushes the Invader – Lundehogda 1940 ; Where to Start with the Wars of Napoleon – Six Steps to Napoleonics ; Modelling 28mm British troops for World War II – In Praise of Plastic ; Scratch-built Fences for the Wargame Table – Safe Behind Wooden Walls. 

Departments : Miniature Reviews ; Up Front – Reconsidering Troop Ratings ; The Irregular – This Thing is Ours ; Playing the 100 Days Campaign in an Epic Scale – Let’s Play Epic Waterloo ; Game Reviews – SAGA: Age of Invasions, Age of Panda: Battle Games in Seventh-Century Britain, Forgotten Battles from France and Germany and Wars of the Republic ; Book Reviews ; Parting Shots. $12.00


Visit www.onmilitarymatters.com for information on all stocked items. If you have a further question about an item or you wish to order, e-mail militarymatters@att.net or phone 609-466-2329. Thank you for your continued support.

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