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On Military Matters Weekly Update 01/27/2022

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FIREFORGE DEUS VAULT: Spanish Almughavars 28mm Plastic Figures  Box set contains 24 multi-part 28mm plastic Almughavars figures which can be assembled with several weapons like cleavers, swords, and spears. You will be able also to assemble them with shields or javelins. Several heads and accessories like a banner are included. Figures are supplied unpainted and require a little assembly. Box contains: 4 frames of Almughavars (24 figures), 4 frames of weapons and accessories, and 20mm x 20mm square bases (24 bases). $42.00

OMM Discount 10%, now $37.80  


BOHICA: Vietnam Skirmish Rules  Large format all color. A joint Partizan Press/Empress Miniatures venture, Bend Over, Here It Comes Again (BOHICA) is designed for platoon-size actions for figures of any scale. Includes rules for the nasty surprises you’d expect, and practice scenarios. $30.00

LINE OF BATTLE: Fire As She Bears – Scenario Book 1  First of a series of scenario books for the Age of Nelson. Each scenario includes background, forces involved, scenario map, and key elements. Although these scenarios can be used for any system with any scale and no rebasing needed, this was designed for use with Line of Battle Naval Fleet system. Includes complete campaign integration rules for Corps Command IV. Scenarios include: Camperdown, Trafalgar, Cape St. Vincent, Cape Finisterre, and The Nile. $30.00

OMM Discount 10%, now $27.00 


062 PATRIOT vs LOYALIST: American Revolution 1775-83  Combat Men series. The American Revolution forced every person to make the choice of whether to side with the Patriots or remain loyal to the British Crown. With so many cross-cutting imperatives, the individual decisions made splintered communities, sometimes even households, turning neighbor against neighbor in an escalating spiral of ostracism, embargo, exile, raid, reprisal, and counter-reprisal. Accordingly, the war on the frontiers and on the margins of conflict was as underhanded and ugly as any of the 21st century’s insurgencies. In this study, the origins, fighting methods and combat effectiveness of the combatants fighting on both sides are assessed, notably in three significant clashes. $22.00

OMM Discount 15%, now $18.70 

001 FW 190D-9: Defense of the Reich 1944-45  First volume in the new Dogfight series. The FW 190D-9 – the ‘long-nosed’ Dora – represented the cutting edge and pinnacle of wartime Germany’s piston-engine aviation development. This new history features first-hand accounts, photographs, artwork, and innovative and colorful 3D ribbon diagrams to provide a realistic insight in to how German pilots used the superb Focke-Wulf aircraft in combat. $22.00

OMM Discount 15%, now $18.70 

002 P-51B/C MUSTANG: Northwest Europe 1943-44  Second volume in the new Dogfight series. $22.00

OMM Discount 15%, now $18.70 

 025 DESERT STORM 1991 The Most Shattering Air Campaign in History  Air Combat series. Analysis of the Desert Storm air campaign fought against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, which shattered the world’s fourth-largest army and sixth-largest air force and revolutionized the world’s ideas about modern air power. It was a 39-day air campaign followed by a four-day ground assault. It began with an opening night that smashed Iraq’s advanced air defense system, and allowed systematic follow-on strikes to savage its military infrastructure and field capabilities. When the Coalition tanks finally rolled into Iraq, it was less an assault than an occupation. $24.00

OMM Discount 15%, now $20.40 

027 BIG WEEK 1944: Operation Argument and the Breaking of the Jagdwaffe Air Combat series. Analysis of US’ legendary ‘Big Week’ air campaign which enabled the Allies to gain air superiority before D-Day. In February 1944, the Allies conceived and fought history’s first-ever successful offensive counter-air (OCA) campaign, Operation Argument or ‘Big Week.’ $24.00

OMM Discount 15%, now $20.40 

064 US MARINE vs NORTH KOREAN SOLDIER: Korea 1950 Combat Men series. Using first-hand accounts and specially commissioned artwork, assesses the North Korean and US Marine Corps troops participating in three crucial battles – Hill 342, the Obong-Ni Ridge, and the Second Battle of Seoul – to reveal the tactics, weapons, and combat effectiveness of both sides’ fighting men in Korea in 1950. $22.00

OMM Discount 15%, now $18.70  

081 SOVIET MACHINE GUNS: World War II  Weapon series. Examines how the Soviet armed forces developed and deployed a range of machine guns in WWII that fitted with their offensive and defensive infantry tactics across six years of total war. Discusses how these machine guns were distributed and tactically applied and provides numerous examples of the weapons in action, from assault teams on the streets of Stalingrad to tank crews struggling for survival at Kursk. Illustrated with high-quality photographs and specially commissioned artwork. $22.00

OMM Discount 15%, now $18.70  

113 THE MOSCOW KREMLIN: Russia’s Fortified Heart  Fortress series. Examines the Kremlin — the fortified complex covering 70 acres at the heart of Moscow, behind walls up to 18m high and watched over by 20 towers, the Kremlin houses everything from Russia’s seat of political power to glittering churches. This is a fortress that has evolved over time, from the original wooden guard tower built in the 11th century to the current stone and brick complex. Over the years, it’s been built, burnt, besieged and rebuilt and includes today’s invisible defenses such as GPS spoofing field (switch on your phone inside the walls and it may well tell you you’re at Vnukovo airport, 30km away) and drone jammers. $20.00

OMM Discount 15%, now $17.00  

243 SOVIET STATE SECURITY SERVICES: 1917-46  Elite series. Examines the history and organizations of the security apparatus of USSR. The Bolsheviks’ seizure of power in Russia in late 1917 was swiftly followed by the establishment of the Cheka, the secret police of the new Soviet state, to eliminate political dissent. In 1922 the Soviet state-security organs became the GPU and then the OGPU (1923-34) before coalescing into the NKVD. By 1946, the power of the NKVD was so great that even Stalin saw it as a threat and it was broken up into multiple organizations, notably the MVD and the MGB – the forerunners of the KGB. $20.00

OMM Discount 15%, now $17.00 

303 TANKS IN THE EASTER OFFENSIVE 1972: Vietnam War’s Great Conventional Clash  New Vanguard series. Discusses how the armies of North and South Vietnam, newly equipped with pitting US M-48 medium and M-41 light tanks against their USSR T-54 and PT-76 rivals, fought the decisive armored battles of the Easter Offensive. North Vietnam launched a major 14-division, 1,200-tank attack in March 1972 against the South that became known as the Easter Offensive. Examines the tanks, armored forces and weapons that clashed in this little-known campaign in detail, using after-action reports from the battlefield and other primary sources to analyze the technical and organizational factors that shaped the outcome. $19.00

OMM Discount 15%, now $16.15  

 373 SYRIA AND LEBANON 1941: The Allied Fight against the Vichy French  Campaign series. Examines the high military and political strategy that lay behind the June 1941 campaign when Australian, British, Indian and Free French forces invaded the Vichy French-controlled mandate of Syria and Lebanon. The Allies fought in rocky, mountainous terrain, through barren valleys and across swollen rivers, and soon after the initial advance faced a powerful Vichy French counter-attack on key strategic positions. Describes the experiences and hardships endured by troops the men on the ground using extensive war diaries and available records to make sense of the actions. The battles in Syria and Lebanon were complex actions, often at the battalion level or below, and this work shows how they affected the wider campaign. $24.00

OMM Discount 15%, now $20.40 


 A STORM OF SPEARS: Understanding the Greek Hoplite in Action This reassessment of ancient warfare of the phalanx of heavily armored spearmen, or hoplites, combines analysis of the literary and archaeological evidence with the new disciplines of reconstructive archaeology, re-enactment, and ballistic science. It focuses on the details of the equipment, tactics, and capabilities of the individual hoplites. These findings are supported by practical testing with his own replica hoplite panoply and the experiences of a group of dedicated re-enactors. He also tackles such questions as the protective properties of hoplite shields and armor and the much-vexed debate on the exact nature of the ‘othismos’ — the climax of phalanx-on-phalanx clashes. $23.00

OMM Discount 15%, now $19.55 

 THE ITALIAN WARS: VOLUME 3 — Francis I and the Battle of Pavia 1525  Examines prior events, from the Peace of Noyon in 1516 on, to places the armies at Pavia. The phases of the battle have been reconstructed and described in detail, comparing the many and varied accounts, whilst the site of the battle is examined for evidence of the fighting. Devotes one section of the book to the heraldry of the armies. Coats of Arms, heraldic devices, flags, and colors used are examined and reconstructed from original images and French, Spanish, and Italian sources. The culmination of this research is the creation of eight original color plates depicting the clothing, equipment, flags and heraldic devices of the armies at Pavia.  $35.00

OMM Discount 15%, now $29.75 

 MILITARY HISTORY OF LATE ROME Volume 1: 284-361  Volume I covers the period 284-361, while the entire projected five-book series will offer a narrative of late Roman military history from 284-641. Provides a detailed account of the changes in organization, equipment, strategy, and tactics among Roman forces and her enemies in the relevant period, while also giving a detailed but accessible account of the campaigns and battles. Includes black and white maps and battle diagrams.  $35.00

OMM Discount 15%, now $29.75  

 LEADING THE ROMAN ARMY: Soldiers and Emperors, 31 BC – 235 AD The Roman imperial army represented one of the main factors in the exercise of political control by the emperors. The effective political management of the army was essential for maintaining the safety and well-being of the empire as a whole. Synthesizes a range of evidence from archaeological, epigraphic, literary, and numismatic sources on the relationship between the emperor and his soldiers from the battle of Actium in 31 BC, to the demise of the Severan dynasty in AD 235. Analyzes the means by which emperors controlled their commanders and troops while ers and sustaining their political allegiance. The emperors created an imperial army organization that contained a complex network of interlocking ties. Includes 20 color illustrations.  $29.00

OMM Discount 15%: Now $24.65 

 SEPTIMIUS SEVERUS AND THE ROMAN ARMY Septimius Severus emerged as the eventual victor from a civil war sparked by the assassination of Emperor Commodus in 192 and his dynasty (the Severans) ruled until 235. Septimius fought numerous campaigns, against both internal rivals and external enemies, extending the Empire to the east (adding Mesopotamia), the south (in Africa) and the north (beyond Hadrian’s Wall). The military aspects of his reign, including his reforms of the army, are the main focus of this new study. Covers his war with Pescennius Niger, the siege of Byzantium, and the campaign in northern Mesopotamia that added it as a province. The much more difficult campaign against Clodius Albinus in Gaul is also studied in detail, as is that in North Africa. The narrative concludes with an account of the last campaign in Britain and Severus’ death.  $27.00

OMM Discount 15%: Now $22.95   

BATTLE IN THE CIVIL WAR: Generalship & Tactics  A structured analysis of all aspects of Civil War combat, compressing a surprisingly technical and detailed coverage into such a short space. Sub-sections cover the army commander’s perspectives in setting up and then running a battle; the arts of generalship at the level of Corps and Division command; and then a long section on battle, including minor tactics, weapons, combat psychology, and casualties. $14.00

RED STAR VERSUS RISING SUN: Volume 2: The Nomonhan Incident 1939  Following its 1931 occupation of Manchuria, Japan turned its interest to nearby Soviet territories. The result was a series of border incidents, including the Battle of Lake Khasan in 1938 (see Volume 1). Japan maintained that the border between the Japanese proxy state of Manchukuo and the Soviet-dominated Mongolian People’s Republic was the Khalkhyn Gol (or Khalkha River) and deployed some of the best units of their army to occupy and secure this area. A series of bitter clashes took place in mid-May and June 1939, after which the Japanese launched an all-out assault in July. Due to heavy casualties, the battle resulted in a stalemate. With tension also rising in Europe and concerned about the possibility of facing a two-front war, the Soviets reacted with a major counter-offensive in August 1939, and defeated the Japanese. Having secured its border in the Far East, the Soviet Union was free to concentrate on war in Europe, whilst the Japanese turned their attention to South-East Asia and the Pacific. Includes 91 b/w photos, eight pages of color plates (21 color profiles), three maps, and 15 tables.  $30.00  

OMM Discount 15%, now $25.50 

 THE BATTLE OF HALBE 1945: Eyewitness Accounts from Hell’s Cauldron  Translated into English for the first time, this collection of first-hand accounts tells the story of the encircled German troops near the small town of Halbe, south-east of Berlin, in April 1945. Their orders were to attempt to break out westward and join up with the German 12th Army. A brutal battle ensued. This book contains the recollections of ordinary soldiers, SS, and men of the Panzer Divisions, as well as civilians. $30.00

OMM Discount 15%: Now $25.50 

 PADDY GRIFFITH’S WARGAMING OPERATION SEALION: The Game that Launched Academic Wargaming  Held at the British Army Staff College in 1974, this ground-breaking wargame was a serious piece of academic research to explore a contested area of military history. Paddy assembled a team of subject matter experts from Britain and Germany to run a wargame to explore what would have happened if the Germans had launched their planned invasion of Britain. To umpire and play in the game, he used combat veterans with senior command experience, including some who were involved in 1940 — including Luftwaffe Gen. Adolf Galland. This describes the game, including previously unpublished material such as briefings, analysis, guidance for umpires, and post-game reflections. $22.00

ON TO STALINGRAD: Operation Winter Thunderstorm and the Attempt to Relieve Sixth Army, December 1942  This account, written by military historian and retired tank commander in 6th Panzer Division during the attempt, was first published in German in 1956. This is the first English translation. Utilizing many excerpts from war diaries, and telegrams sent during operations, it is a unique account of the entire operation from the situation in mid-November through the two German offensives to relieve Stalingrad, the Soviet counter-offensive, and ongoing fighting until early January. Includes 16 maps from the original edition.  $45.00

OMM Discount 15%: Now $38.25  


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