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On Military Matters Update

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BLOOD & PLUNDER: Raise the Black Expansion Book Features new units and factions with a focus on active powers during the second French and Indian War (also known as Queen Anne’s War): Mixed European and Native American raiding parties, the last wave of buccaneers, regular army units, and plenty of pirates. This book makes for a perfect expansion to what begins in the Black Beard vs. Maynard Starter Box. This book is only an expansion book, you will need a Blood & Plunder rulebook or Blackbeard vs Maynard Starter Box in order to play the game. $39.00 USD

BLOOD AND VALOR: End of Empires Expansion Book The core Blood and Valor rulebook – skirmish-level game set during the conflicts of the Great War – is required to use this book. Blood and Valor focuses on small unit tactics such as conducting trench raids, scouting missions, and patrols. This expansion book adds forces from the remaining participants in World War I, as well as forces involved in the conflicts that arose in the aftermath of the Great War. This book also contains new units, scenarios, and new ways to play. 39 new army lists, four balanced-play scenarios, five narrative scenarios, new special rules, multi-player rules, and rules for weather. $39.00 USD

THE BARONS WAR: Outremer Expansion to The Barons’ War rules. Outremer (French: outre-mer, lit. ‘overseas’), also known as The Crusader States, is a political hotbed granting ambitious Frankish barons the opportunity to make a reputation for themselves. This new battleground, dominated by a scorching sun, inhospitable terrain, and lethal new foes, provides fresh challenges for any commander. New rules, named characters, and a linked scenario-driven campaign, Peril on the Pilgrim Road, encourage you to recreate warfare in the Crusader States. Choose to create a retinue from the armies of Outremer: settled Franks, Crusaders, or the military orders. Alternatively, select from the myriad of warriors that comprise the cultured forces of Islam, led by a sultan or emir of a particular Askar. $30.00 USD

THE BRITISH ARMY DESERT WAR GAME: MoD Wargaming Rules (1978) This example of a military map-based wargame was written in 1968 to wargame, at a tactical level, the desert warfare battles in a potential invasion of Iraq in the mid-1970s. Written both for training and analysis, they have detailed information on matters important to the military and often ignored by hobby wargamers: deployment times, lead times for preparation of assaults, ammunition constraints, shadowing retreating units, and communications are all dealt with by the rules. Includes unit-based combat results and individual vehicle fire-combat tables. Military wargames are traditional heavily umpired, with a large supporting case of assistants to help run the game, but this book contains guidance on how a modern wargamer can recreate the original game in a practical form on a single map. These wargaming rules were restricted until recently, when they were released into the National Archives. $16.00 USD


HISTORY OF THE MARITIME WARS OF THE TURKS This book spans the Turkish Empire’s expansion from the conquest of Constantinople to that of Crete, and recounts the story of Barbarossa, whom Suleyman the Magnificent appointed commander of the imperial navy, and many other highlights of Ottoman history. Katip Celebi is one of the classic authors in the Turkish language, and this book is his key historical study. Although it was reprinted numerous times in the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish Republic, the only previous English edition was a 19th-century translation of the first part of the book. This new edition comprises a reprint of this text plus new commentary by Svat Soucek, an internationally renowned scholar of naval history. The editor also provides a new introduction and extensive summaries and translates highlights of pertinent passages in the previously untranslated texts. $25.00 USD

THE SPARTAN SUPREMACY: 412-371 BC For two centuries, Sparta’s warriors were acknowledged as second to none. Yet at only one period in its long history, in the late fourth and early third century BC, did the home of these grim warriors seem set to entrench itself as the dominant power in the Greek world. This period includes the latter stages of the Peloponnesian War from 412 BC to the Spartan victory in 402, and then down to the Spartan defeat by the Thebans at Leuctra in 371BC, where it all began to unravel for the Spartan Empire. Covers the tumultuous first decades of the fourth century BC, with many interesting characters here, including Alcibiades, Lysander, Agesilaus, Pelopidas and Epaminondas, to name but a few. In addition, there are several campaigns and battles that are reported in enough detail to make them interesting and comprehensible to the reader. $30.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $25.50 USD

WARRIORS OF THE ANCIENT GREEK WORLD Oversized at 8.5×11 inches, this contains over 140 lavishly detailed photographed and illustrated recreations of the Greek warrior panoplies of the fifth and fourth centuries BC. It covers the heavy infantry and cavalry of Greece and Macedonia, the light infantry and horsemen of the Thracian territories, and the fighting men and women of the vast Persian and Scythian realms. The book has been crafted to show these ancient combatants in as much physical, gritty detail and character as possible. The combatants are seen torn from moments in time and dropped onto the page. It illustrates the range of distinct weapons and equipment carried by them, why it was needed, and how it was made. It shows how the warriors may have looked whilst on campaign in the mud, blood and all. $43.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $36.55 USD

MEMOIRS OF A JANISSARY Konstantin Mihailovic, born a Christian Serb in the early 15th Century, was kidnapped by Ottoman Turks and brought to Anatolia, where he was trained as a Janissary – the elite corps of the Ottoman army made up entirely of converted Christian boys. As a Janissary, Konstantin was an eyewitness to important events such as Sultan Mehmet II’s sieges of Belgrade and Constantinople in 1453 and the campaign against Count Dracula. These memoirs were published as a cautionary tale about the heathen customs of the Turks, and as a guide to military practices and customs of the Turkish army. One reason for its success was that the Turks had not only overrun the Balkans but also threatened the heart of Europe with sieges of Vienna between 1529 and 1683. Mihailovic provides salient details of Turkish military subterfuge, the Turks’ disregard for truce agreements, and their shocking actions during the battles and beyond, including the standard beheading of the captured kings. $23.00 USD

YOU HAVE TO DIE IN PIEDMONT: The Battle of Assietta, 19 July 1747. The War of the Austrian Succession in the Alps ‘You have to die in Piedmont!’ is an old folk song, still played in the western Alps, that tells of the French regiments that were coming from the Mongeneve Pass in order to attack a combined Austro-Sardinian force entrenched on the Assietta Plateau, 2,500 meters up in the Cottian Alps. This crucial position controlled two main roads from France to the Kingdom of Sardinia’s capital, Turin. The battle occurred on 19 June 1747, and was the bloodiest single-day action not only of the War of Austrian Succession (1740-1748) in Italy, but in the whole military history of the Alps. Includes 26 black-and-white illustrations, 18 black-and-white photos, 19 maps, 3 diagrams, and 14 tables. $60.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $51.00 USD

FOUNDER, FIGHTER, SAXON QUEEN Alfred the Great’s daughter defied all expectations of a well-bred Saxon princess. The first Saxon woman ever to rule a kingdom, Aethelflaed, Lady of the Mercians, led her army in battle against Viking invaders. She further broke with convention by arranging for her daughter to succeed her on the throne of Mercia. To protect her people and enable her kingdom in the Midlands to prosper, Aethelflaed rebuilt Chester and Gloucester, and built seven entirely new English towns. In so doing, she helped shape our world today. Examines her life from her childhood in time of war to her remarkable work as ruler of Mercia. The final chapter traces her legend, from medieval paintings to novels and contemporary art, illustrating the impact of a legacy that continues to be felt to this day. $30.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $25.50 USD

JOHN BRADSTREET’S RAID 1758: A Riverine Operation of the French and Indian War John Bradstreet’s raid of 1758 – the first and largest British-American riverine raid mounted during the Seven Years’ War (i.e. French and Indian War), was hailed as a great ‘American’ victory at the time. The operation was carried out principally by American colonial soldiers. Includes supporting material such as orders of battle, meteorological data, and overviews of captured ships. Examines Bradstreet’s new riverine operational capability and water-borne style of combat that the British-American army would soon successfully deploy in the campaigns of Niagara (1759) and Montreal (1760). Examines with the context campaign planning and the friction among commanders in the war’s first three years, the raid looks markedly different than a heroic portrayal. Includes 26 black-and-white illustrations and four maps. $45.00 USD

THE LION AT DAWN: Forging British Strategy in the Age of the French Revolution, 1783-1797 Offers a new perspective on the emergence of modern Britain and its empire, and on its early effort to create a stable and peaceful international system. Examining Prime Minister Pitt’s foreign policy from 1783 to 1797 – the years before and during the War of the First Coalition against Revolutionary France. Discusses whether his policy imagined a globe-trotting navy or favored engagement nearer to shore and on the European Continent. Argues that the prime minister consistently subordinated colonial to continental concerns and pursued a new vision rather than merely honoring past glories. Deliberately, not simply in reaction to the French Revolution, Pitt developed and pursued a grand strategy that sought British security through a novel collective European system – one ultimately realized by his successors in 1815. Includes eight maps. $45.00 USD

NAPOLEON IN EGYPT: Al-Jabarti’s Chronicle of the French Occupation of 1798 Expanded edition celebrates the 250th anniversary of Al-Jabarti’s birth with an Arab view of Napoleon’s conquest of Egypt in 1798. Combines historical narration and reflection with daily observations about the atmosphere in Cairo and the mood among the local population. Illustrated. $25.00 USD

SIEGE OF MAGDALA: The British Empire against the Emperor of Ethiopia In 1867-68, a petty diplomatic dispute between Ethiopian emperor Tewodros II and Queen Victoria led to one of the strangest and most dramatic military campaigns in history. The British Indian Army, with 60,000 men, 30,000 elephants, mules and horses, and a bevy of ’embedded’ journalists, observers, and translators – as well as artists and photographers whose images of the campaign are reproduced in this book – marched into the Ethiopian highlands, advancing on the mountain fortress of Magdala to rescue a small group of European hostages. $25.00 USD

LINE IN THE SAND: Foreign Legion Forts and Fortifications in Morocco 1900-1926 Gives an overview of the French conquest of Morocco between 1900 and 1926. Whilst providing a general outline of the conquest of Morocco, the book concentrates on the use of forts and other fortifications built by the French Foreign Legion to secure the territory gained and pacify the areas of operation. Includes three black-and-white photos, one color illustration, 28 color photos, 14 maps, and two tables. Looks at the construction of the outposts and forts, garrison life in them in peace and war, operations in the desert and mountains, and desperate last stands. Particular emphasis is given to two sites where the author undertook detailed archaeological investigations, as well as extensive use of primary sources (many of which are now out of print). Contains numerous plans, maps and photographs to support the text. Many of the photographs show the forts as they are today, and feature imagery of the archaeological digs and some of the items found. Provides insight into the French colonial experience in Morocco and the methods they attempted to control and defend the land against numerous counter insurgencies. $38.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $32.30 USD

ABYSSINIAN CONQUEST: The Illustrated History of the Second Italo-Ethiopian War, 1935-1936 In 1935, Fascist Italy invaded Abyssinia (now Ethiopia), one of just two independent states in Africa at the time. Italy first invaded Ethiopia in 1895, and was driven out by the army of Emperor Menelik II. In 1935, the defensive effort would be led by Emperor Haile Selassie I. Benito Mussolini (the Italian Duce) claimed victory in 1936, but the struggle of Selassie and his people against impossible odds won worldwide admiration. This work supplements a concise narrative history of the conflict with more than 600 captioned photos, including detailed coverage of both armies. $60.00 USD

OPERATION C3: Hitler’s Plan to Invade Malta 1942 Offers a detailed study of the Axis 1942 plan to invade and take the island of Malta. Examines the combatants up to the Axis capture of Tobruk, and provides a realistic assessment of what would have had to happen if the Axis had decided to launch the invasion. Provides a speculative day-by-day battle narrative of the invasion as if it had occurred on Saturday, August 15, 1942. The battle narrative is based on the combatant’s actual plans from the Italian and Maltese archives. Includes 13 color illustrations and 10 black-and-white illustrations. $43.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $36.55 USD

THE CARIBBEAN WAR FRONT IN WORLD WAR II: The Untold Story of U-Boats, Spies, and Economic Warfare German WWII submarine warfare was sinking one oil tanker or merchant ship per day in Caribbean waters in the worst months of 1942. The U.S. merchant marine suffered heavy losses of ships and men, while the Allies struggled to contain the damage done to the supply of oil from Venezuela and airplane fuel from Curaáao to the United States. Puerto Rico experienced food shortages on account of German U-boat warfare in 1942, while Martinique suffered near famine in the aftermath of a British and American blockade induced by the Vichy government’s control of the Caribbean island. The U.S. invested billions in military installments on the British and American islands. $27.00 USD


ANCIENT HISTORY MAGAZINE #42 Theme: A Day at the Theatre: The City Dionysia in Athens – Theophoric Theatrics; Republican Roman theatre – Politics in Plautus; Drama at the Edge of Empire – Theatre in Roman Britain; The Development of the Theatre of Dionysus – Tents, Trays, and Cranes; The Acoustics of the Greek Theatre Masks – Loud and Clear?; and Courtesans, Actresses, and Empresses – Theatre in Late Antiquity. Features: The Treasure of Oxyrhynchus – A Textual Pompeii; Interview with Paul Cartledge – Myth and Myth Making in the Life of Alexander the Great; Partridge Eggs for Non-elite Pompeiians?; A Roman VIP Tours Sights on the Nile – Germanicus in Egypt; Bitter and Bizarre or Like Ambrosia? – Eating Flower Bulbs in Antiquity; How the Lebanese Invented International Trade – Byblos, the First Port; and Lyrists, Brass Bands, and Water Organs – Music in Rome. $12.00 USD

ANCIENT HISTORY MAGAZINE #43 Theme: Food Insecurity in Antiquity: Feasts, Famines, and Megadroughts – The Late Bronze Age Collapse; Agricultural Rituals in Ancient Egypt – Putting Osiris to Bed; Food Crises in the Roman World – A Starving Mob Has No Respect; Farmers and Land in the Late Republic – Agriculture in Crisis; Sparta, Syssitia, and Citizenship – Agriculture in Ancient Sparta. Features: To Purify the Army by Means of a Dog – Canine Conciliation; Dentistry and Tooth Decay in Rome – Grin and Bear It; Religious Status in the Roman Empire – Christians to the Lions?; The Texts from Qumran and Their Significance – Sectarian Scrolls?; How Tough the Guts of Farming Folk – Garlic in Antiquity; Buddhist Regions of South-Central Asia – Where Olympus Meets Nirvana. $12.00 USD


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