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On Military Matters Update 12/4/2022

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Wargamers’ Annual 2023. Articles include: Abu Klea, SYW Actions; Samurai; The Wars of Mary, Queen of Scots; Star Wars (!), French-Indian Wars, Siege of Chitral, Linked small-scale games, and much much more, all in color. $28.00 USD

SAGA: 2nd Edition – Rules Only, Revised Edition. Features the fixes, updates and clarifications previously presented in FAQs since 2018. This opportunity has been taken to rewrite some passages to make them easier for new players to understand. However, the rules themselves do not fundamentally change. This is the second edition of the popular skirmish game, and contains only the rules – army lists are contained in separate supplements. System can cover any heroic age, whether they are historical, mythological, or imaginary from the minds of writers. Players control a warband, made of 30 or so figures, chosen from among the available SAGA factions. Each warband uses special SAGA dice that grant them particular abilities in battle and a specific Battle Board. $19.00 USD

Clash of Katanas: Expansion for Clash of Spears. A full expansion of Clash of Spears that allows you to play skirmish battles of 25 to 100 models in the wars of 16th Century Japan. The power of the Shogunate is in shambles, and Japan has fallen into the chaos of the Sengoku Jidai (warring states). Daimyos lead their clans into battle, fighting to become the next Shogun, while peasants rise in revolt. But those are the problems of lords and generals – yours is to lead your men, and achieve honor and glory for your house. $34.00 USD

Sci-fi Skirmish Scenarios: Small-Unit Missions for Use With Your Favorite Wargaming Rules. A selection of 36 missions of varying complexity, each with clear objectives and victory conditions, a map showing set-up zones, and some with special rules. Although they are set in his imagined dystopian city of Civitas Cavernum (AKA The Sprawl), with its factions of Scavs, Proctors, Cultists, and Corporates, the scenarios are designed to be adaptable to almost any setting and set of rules (including those published in the author’s One-hour Skirmish Wargames). In addition, there are no less than three mini-campaigns that link the scenarios together in various combinations. $23.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $19.55 USD.

The Rise of Byzantium: Fighting the Early Wars of Byzantium with the Three Ages of Rome. Expansion to the Three Ages of Rome wargame rules. The six historical scenarios span the rise of Byzantium and link directly into the last period of the Three Ages rules. The new army lists introduce armies from across the period of the expansion set. They complement the armies in the original set of rules, enabling players to recreate more battles from the ancient period. $30.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $25.50 USD.

PULP!: Skirmish Adventure WargamingOsprey rules set covers heroic adventure and dastardly villains during the early 20th Century. Scenario-driven skirmish wargame set during the interwar years of the early 20th Century. Players build teams of bold explorers, daring archaeologists, hardboiled detectives, and costumed avengers – or criminal masterminds and evil geniuses – and dive into a world of fortune, glory and menace. Suitable for both solo and cooperative play as well as the classic head-to-head mode. $20.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $17.00 USD.

Wars of the First Empire: A Soldiers of Napoleon Supplement. Card-driven action sequence drives Napoleonic tabletop battles. Included: 14 army lists over four campaign theaters for the wars of the Third, Fourth, and Fifth Coalitions against France from 1805 to 1809 and the invasion of Russia in 1812. $42.00 USD


383 Berezina 1812: Napoleon’s Hollow Victory. Offers maps, battlescene artworks, and period illustrations to help describe the events of late November 1812, as Napoleon’s retreating, desperate Grand Armee extricated itself from the clutches of the Russian armies under Kutuzov, Wittgenstein and Chichagov in an epic feat of heroism and masterful tactics. Although the core of Napoleon’s army escaped, tens of thousands were killed in the battle – trampled in the rush for the bridge, drowned in the icy waters of the Berezina River, or captured. $24.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $20.40 USD.

386 Tannenberg 1914: Destruction of the Russian Second Army. Guides you through the initial border engagements and the battles of Gumbinnen and Stalluponen, before moving on to explore the massive, often confused, running battle of Tannenberg. This work helps you understand how the Germans managed to maul Samsonov’s Second Army and all but destroyed the Russians as a fighting force. The Russian war plan of using overwhelming numbers to gain a quick victory before conducting further operations would soon lie in pieces on the ground. It also assesses the contribution modern technology – such as railways, aerial reconnaissance, radio and telegraphy – made to the emphatic German victory. $24.00 USD

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059 U.S. Soldier vs Chinese Soldier: Korea 1951-53. This study assesses the U.S. and Chinese forces that clashed at Chipyong-ni (February 13-15, 1951), Triangle Hill (October 14-November 25, 1952), and Pork Chop Hill (July 6-11, 1953), casting light on the origins, doctrine, combat effectiveness, and reputation of these two very different forces during the struggle for victory in Korea. $22.00 USD

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314 Super Battleships of World War II: Montana-class, Lion-class, H-class, A-150 and Sovetsky Soyuz-class. Explains the design, intended roles, construction, and fate of these mighty what-if battleships as WWII approached and then began. The U.S. Navy wanted five Montana-class ships, based on the Iowa class but with a heavier main battery and improved protection. The Royal Navy began work on three Lion-class fast battleships with 16-in guns. The German Navy developed its H-class designs: initially an improved Bismarck-class, they became more fantastical, culminating in the 141,500-ton H-44 with 20-in guns. The Japanese A-150 was based on the Yamato-class but with 20.1-in guns, while the 15 ships planned for the U.S.S.R.’s Sovetsky Soyuz-class would have rivaled the Montanas in size. Includes: Introduction, Design and Development, Operational History, Conclusion, and Analysis. $19.00 USD

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The Battle of Harlem Heights: 1776. The Battle of Harlem Heights is an under-appreciated milestone in American military history. The engagement on upper Manhattan Island on September 16, 1776, was the first successful battle for George Washington’s troops in the American Revolution, and presaged the emergence of an effective fighting force among the citizen-soldiers who made up the Continental Army. Examines the significance of the Continental Army’s first victory and highlights the role of one of its key participants, the largely forgotten Col. Thomas Knowlton who gave his life during the action while urging his rangers forward. The cooperative effort of regiments from New England, Maryland, and Virginia – whose men lacked any sense of national identity before the Revolution – indicated the potential for this fledgling army to cohere around a common national purpose and affiliation, and become the primary instrument for securing America’s right to self-rule. $26.00 USD

The Danish Army of the Napoleonic Wars 1807-1814: Volume 3 – Norwegian Troops and Militia. This third volume looks in depth principally at the Norwegian Army, including the regular infantry, cavalry, including their colours, guidons and standards, and the field artillery covering all aspects of their organization, uniforms, arms and equipment, as well as their Jaegers, light infantry and ski troops. The specifically Norwegian cannon and limbers are also covered. Also covers the numerous Norwegian and Danish volunteer and militias companies, some of whom were actively engaged on the field of battle. An in-depth study of the Island of Bornholm is also included. Includes 62 color illustrations, and three tables. $45.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $38.25 USD.

Gunboats, Muskets, and Torpedoes: Coastal South Carolina, 1861-1865. Examines the contest for the South Carolina coastline during the American Civil War, especially the siege of Charleston that would last from early 1863 until the last months of the war. It was during these operations that the industrial age first introduced elements of modern warfare at a scale that the world noticed. The ironclad, the newest of the wonder weapons, tested its abilities against the naval fortifications and the artillery of the day, while torpedo boats and the forerunner of submarines were demonstrated with stunning effect. Nor were these matters confined to just maritime affairs, as trench warfare, artillery barrages, bombproof shelters, wire obstructions, and one of the first minefields amply demonstrated. Also covers Union amphibious raids to cut the Savannah-Charleston railroad and the establishment of a Union army and navy facility at Port Royal. $35.00 USD

Blood, Dust and Snow: Diaries of a Panzer Commander in Germany and on the Eastern Front. A brutally honest, immediate and unfiltered personal account about the war on the Eastern Front by Oberleutnant Friedrich Wilhelm Sander of the 11th Panzer-Regiment. This regiment made up the core of the 6th Panzer Division, which was involved in most of the major campaigns on the Eastern Front; campaigns such as Operation Barbarossa and Operation Winter Storm. Includes 150+ photos and include maps. Recently-discovered diaries cover the period from April 1938 to December 1943, and also offer insight into the mind of a young and highly politicized officer in the close-knit community of a German Panzer crew. $38.00 USD

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Maori: Warriors of the Long White Cloud (Wargame). Historic simulation game depicts clan warfare typical in New Zealand before European colonization (around 1450 A.D.). Players build war canoes and train warriors to create a force to strike at their adversaries, while protecting their home village. The player himself is represented on the board as the Paramount Chief – if this leader is killed, the game is lost. Complexity: 4 out of 10; Solitaire Suitability: special rules to facilitate solitaire play; Map Scale: area movement, strategic level; Unit scale: individual leaders; about 30 to 50 warriors per unit; war canoes are one large canoe or two or three smaller ones; Time Scale: the time represented is flexible; Players: 1 to 4; Playing time: 60 to 90 minutes. Components: One 22 x 34-inch Mounted map board; Two Sheets of large, ¾-inch counters; 110 Action Cards; Four Player aid cards; One Rule booklet with designer’s notes; and Four six-sided dice. $79.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $67.15 USD.

Don’t Forget the Magazines…

Strategy & Tactics #338: Russian Boots South: Conquest of Central Asia. The game system is based on the previously published S&T games: They Died with Their Boots On Volumes 1 & 2, Julian, and Sepoy Mutiny. This two-player wargame simulates the Russian conquest of Central Asia during the 1850s to 1890s. Two opposing players: Russian Empire and Khanates. The Russian Empire player represents the theater command of an autocratic empire. The Khanate player represents the various independent kingdoms and tribes of the region, with the possibility of intervention from forces on the periphery. Victory conditions are asymmetrical, with the Russians trying to conquer Central Asia and the Khanates trying to prevent this. There are three scenarios, each representing a different situation. Each game turn represents from one to six years, depending on the pace of operations. Each hexagon on the map represents 80 to 90 kilometers (53 miles). Each Russian unit represents one or two battalion-sized groups of companies or squadrons. Other units represent brigade or division-sized units, along with corresponding logistics, as well as groupings of tribesmen or other fighters ranging between 1000 to 5000 fighters. Generals represent key commanders, their staffs, and an elite guard. Components: One 22 x 34-inch game map, 176 ⅝-inch counters, and magazine. $50.00 USD

OMM Discount 10%: Now $45.00 USD.

Strategy & Tactics Quarterly #20: Aircraft Carriers Every age of naval warfare is dominated by one ship type, from ancient galleys through ships-of-the-line to dreadnought battleships. The middle of the 20th Century was dominated by the aircraft carrier, and they remain a fixture in major navies to this day. The aircraft of the day were only good for observation, but in that role they gave a fleet eyes beyond the horizon for the first time in history. As aircraft became more powerful, the carrier challenged, then supplanted, the battleship as queen of the sea. Today carriers are in turn being challenged by long range missiles, nuclear attack submarines, and space-based platforms. $20.00 USD

OMM Discount 10%: Now $18.00 USD.

Painting War 12: Rome and Her Enemies. Latest in the superb series. Immerse yourself in this issue and learn painting techniques for figures of this period. $34.00 USD

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