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On Military Matters Update 12/09/2022

Reminder: OMM continues to remain open for internet orders and shipping. The shoppe is also open for in-person shopping, but you must be fully vaccinated. Call ahead. If you wish to pick up your order at the shoppe, we can also leave the package outside the door.

Most items due into the shoppe in a couple weeks.

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RIGHTEOUS HARMONIOUS FISTS!: Battles and Skirmishes in China 1898-1900 All-color, 18 scenarios with full orbats, maps, etc., plus painting guide, what-If ideas, and rules for converting Black Powder to larger and smaller actions in period. A very useful addition to the Fighting the Dragon rules and the Forces of the Boxer Uprising trilogy. $44.00 USD


1870/71 IN COLOUR: Uniforms and Equipment: Personal Experiences of German Soldiers During the Franco-Prussian War Based on numerous personal accounts, notes, and anecdotes, details the appearance of the German troops in 1870/71. They were witnessed first-hand and experienced by the soldiers who marched or sat, sodden, in their saddles for days on end. This book departs from the familiar organization into individual states and their branches of service. Instead, after a brief introduction on developments in general, it deals with specific parts of the uniform such as trousers, shoes and headgear. It also contains interesting insights into the soldiers’ experiences with their firearms. Dedicated to a fascinating aspect of research – the disorder emerging from the otherwise extremely ordered appearance of the troops – these lively accounts are complemented by 31 colorized black-and-white photographs to present as wide a range as possible of the troops involved. $89.00 USD


WARRIOR OF ROME VII: Falling Sky In the seventh novel in Harry Sidebottom’s acclaimed and best-selling Warrior of Rome historical fiction series, it’s AD 265, Gaul, and the Roman Empire is on the brink. Emperor Gallienus has amassed a huge army across the Alps to seize back the mountains from the usurper Postumus. War has come. Ballista and his cavalry are on the frontline, battling in the most brutal of conditions. But if he is to survive the campaign and finally retire to his beloved Sicily, it’s not just the battlefield he needs to navigate. $27.00 USD

DEATH TO THE EMPEROR: Eagles of the Empire 21 Novel. Fifteen years after Rome’s invasion of Britannia, centurion Marco is back. The island is settled now, bustling with commerce. Macro’s goal is to help run his mother’s Londinium inn, and exploit his land grant. He’s prepared for the dismal weather and the barbaric ways of the people. But far worse dangers threaten all his plans. A gang led by an ex-legionary rules the city, demanding protection money and terrorizing those who won’t pay up. The Roman official in charge has turned a blind eye. Macro has to act. He needs the back-up of the finest soldier he knows: Prefect Cato. But Cato is in distant Rome. Or is he? $39.00 USD


THE GREEK VICTORIES AND THE PERSIAN EBB 480-479 BC: The Battles of Salamis, Plataea, Mycale and After The dramatic conclusion to this trilogy explains the reversal of fortunes and final defeat of Xerxes’ Persian invasion of Greece – not as unlikely as usually presupposed. Examines plans, potential, assets and liabilities of both sides to explain command decisions and developments in the field. Includes 52 color maps, diagrams and illustrations. The focus is on the successful repulse of the Persian massive armada at Salamis – a resounding naval victory with parallels to the English defeat of the Spanish Armada. Along with the backstage policies and cloak-and-dagger events, the analysis of hard data of naval and military realities and environment shows the reason for this outcome and more so of the closely fought double campaign of the following year that ended the Persian threat. Examines the massive land victory at Plataea that ousted Persia from mainland Greece and crippled its armies, and the amphibious operation at Mycale that destroyed the remnants of the royal Grand Armada and shut the doors to further Persian incursions in Greece. $53.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $45.05 USD

MAURICE DE SAXE’S 1745 CAMPAIGN IN BELGIUM This account of Saxe’s campaign was originally published in France in 1909 and is now translated by George Nafziger. Features actions at Ghent, Ostend, and most famously Fontenoy as part of the War of Austrian Succession. Provides a detailed but concise history of the campaign with maps, lists of troops, and images of prominent persons in the campaign. $30.00 USD

THE LEGION DU NORD: 1806-1808 As Napoleon moved through the former Polish territories in his battles against the Prussians, volunteers from the former Polish territories organized themselves to join the French against their oppressors. One of these units was raised by a Polish nobleman under the name, Legion Du Nord (Legion of the North). Augmented by Prussian supplies and French officers, the Legion Du Nord was accepted into French service and fought with them against the Prussians around Danzig (Gdansk). This volume is Coqueugnoit’s account of the unit from its inception until it was taken into the Polish army as the 5th Regiment. $25.00 USD

KING GEORGE V-CLASS BATTLESHIPS Details the story of Britain’s King George V-class battleships from conception and design through their operational history. $60.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $51.00 USD

MEN OF ARMOR: The History of B Company, 756th Tank Battalion in World War II – Part 2: Cassino and Rome Narrative unfolds at the individual tanker’s level by following key members of the unit through campaigns. The 756th Tank Battalion (Light) activated at Fort Lewis in June 1941, and by early 1942 were equipped with new M3 light tanks. While companies A and C took part in Operation Torch, B Company was withheld for lack of cargo space in the transport ships, and rejoined the battalion two months later in North Africa. The units undertook reconnaissance missions following the landings in Salerno.

In December 1943, the battalion was ordered to upgrade into a medium tank (Sherman) unit. Given less than a month to reorganize and train in M4s, the battalion was sent into the Mignano Gap on January 11, 1944, and supported the 34th Infantry Division in the capture of Cervaro and Monte Trocchio. Later in January, B Company supported the troops of the 100th Battalion on bloody but ill-fated attempts to cross the Rapido River – finally at the third attempt, the battalion established a secure bridgehead across the Rapido. During the next two days, the nearby town of Caira was also captured, opening a clear avenue for an attack on Cassino. $40.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $34.00 USD

CRUSHING THE JAPANESE SURFACE FLEET AT THE BATTLE OF SURIGAO STRAIT On the afternoon of 24 October, 7th Fleet torpedo-boats moved through Leyte Gulf and Surigao Strait into the Mindanao Sea south of Leyte, and by dusk were in position on their patrol-lines. Meanwhile, destroyer squadrons, cruisers, and battleships formed a line of vast firepower which would force the Japanese ships to approach head-on – classic crossing the T. With overwhelming force, the U.S. impenetrable gauntlet defeated the Japanese at Surigao Strait and played a significant in winning the Battle of Leyte Gulf. By securing the waters around the beachheads, the U.S. Sixth Army on Leyte was safe from Japanese attacks from the sea. $37.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $31.45 USD

KILLING HITLER’S REICH: The Battle for Austria 1945 Details the battle for Austria at the tail end of WWII as German Army Group South made a last stand. General Dwight Eisenhower changed the entire focus of American ground operations to cut off Germans from retreating into the so-called National Redoubt. Moreover, it was Austria that proved to be the graveyard of the Waffen SS. No less than 15 of Himmler’s divisions ended the war there. Note that on VE Day, Army Group South listed 450,000 men still under arms in four armies. And as the German war effort disintegrated into chaos, high ranking Nazis fled the dying Reich through Austria and into Italy. Some made it, many didn’t, and the book follows the chase and capture of some of the most notorious, including Ernst Kaltenbrunner, Himmler’s second-in-command. $60.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $51.00 USD


WARGAMES ILLUSTRATED: Issue #421 Theme: Ancient Naval Warfare: Thalassa Battle Report: Spartan vs Athenian fleet action; Holding Back the Tide: Thalassa Scenario with all the special rules; Ancient Naval Battles Rulebook: 32 pages of rules to game ancient naval warfare; Painting Your First Trireme: How to paint ancient ships quickly and effectively with this entry-level guide; Building your Thalassa Fleet: How to purchase or download Thalassa’s awesome ships and presents 11 new upgrades that you can use to add variety to your fleet in games; Trireme: Introduction to the classic Greek Trireme. Departments: Quick Fire: Projects; Observation Post: New releases – Romans vs Goths, Goblins, dungeons, Vietnam War painting, and Tribal rules; Release Radar: Upcoming releases; Full Paper Jacket: Book Reviews. Features: 28mm Charles XII Swedish Army for the Great Northern War: Interview with Creative Director for the Early Modern and Ancients Portfolio at Helion and Company Publishing; Easy Way In: Quick guide to creating a Never Mind the Billhoooks Deluxe army for each of the theaters covered in the rules; SAGA: Age of Alexander – Details about various factions. $9.50 USD

MINIATURE WARGAMES #477 Contents: Command Decision: A civil war in a different country; Seeing the Elephant: ACW scenarios set in Georgia; Send Three And Fourpence: Combat at El Bodon: Peninsular War Command & Colours Napoleonic game; The War To Save Yule: Ozz-based scenario; Scratch Build: Supportive piece of Yule terrain that looks almost good enough to eat; World Aflame: How to paint burning torches; Stormin’ Sword Beach: 20mm WWII D-Day, three-day, mass game for an entire club; Chariots Like The Whirlwind: Egyptian & Assyrian Wargame Armies; Recce: New publications; Defence In Depth: New figure and rules reviews; The Last Word: Thoughts on podcasts from Matthew McLean. $10.00 USD

OMM Discount 10%: Now $18.00 USD


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