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On Military Matters Update 03/22/2023

Reminder: OMM continues to remain open for internet orders and shipping. The shoppe is also open for in-person shopping, but you must be fully vaccinated. Please call ahead to ensure we are open. If you wish to pick up your order at the shoppe, we can also leave the package outside the door.

Most items due into the shoppe in a couple weeks, unless otherwise noted.

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Scouts Out! 28mm Skirmish Wargaming in the Great War. Skirmish ruleset in WWI for small raiding parties to raid enemy trenches and rescuing downed pilots. Includes core rules, army lists, scenarios, and a how-to-paint section. Games take less than three hours. Note: OMM will be stocking the 28mm resin figures: Austrian, British, French and Germans: Patrol blisters – $15 USD for five figures; Specialist (Snipers, sappers, etc.) $14 USD for three figures; and Officers: $13 USD for two figures. $36.00 USD

Rapid Fire: Crete: The Airborne Assault. This full-color booklet provides scenarios for the four most important landings of Operation Mercury: the invasion of Crete by German Fallschirmjager on 20th May 1941. Against alert New Zealand, Australian, British, and Greek defenders, the German parachute and glider assaults on Maleme, Prison Valley (east of Maleme), Retimo, and Heraklion were close-fought battles that hung in the balance. Capturing the uncertainty of the real thing, these scenarios are designed to be played with our Reloaded and Reloaded Extra rules (or RF2 if players prefer), and include historical backgrounds, full graphic orbats, battle maps, and special rules. $15.00 USD

Uniform Plates…

401: Kingdom of Westphalia: 1st Hussar Regiment 1810-1814. Another in the terrific series. Uniform plate with 20+ color figures, flags or standards, facings, etc. Descriptions on reverse side. $14.00 USD


Aces of Valor0: A Solitaire Game of WWI Aerial Combat. Solitaire game where you command a fighter squadron on the Western Front during World War I through a campaign of multiple missions to score as many victory points as possible to assist the war effort. You can play as the Germans, or the Entente powers (British, French, or Americans). Each aircraft counter represents the pilot and the aircraft combined, and your squadron will have up to eight at any given time. The player chooses the campaign’s duration (8, 12 or 16 missions), and draws a card to determine the objective of each mission, which include patrols, trench strafing, photo recon, artillery spotting, balloon-busting, and bomber escort. The player’s flight moves across a gridded map that is a semi-historical representation of the Western Front. Anti-aircraft fire is heaviest near the trenches but can happen anywhere over enemy territory. When combat occurs, aircraft are moved to an Initiative Track for up to three rounds of combat, where pilot skill, aircraft performance, and luck all come into play to determine the outcome. $78.00 USD

OMM Discount 10%: Now $70.20 USD.


Hellenistic Naval Warfare and Warships 336-30 BC: War at Sea from Alexander to Actium. Covers the naval wars of the Hellenistic period from Alexander the Great to the Battle of Actium, including the great technological change and innovation in naval design. There was a naval arms race between the Successor States that culminated in a plethora of ship types and the largest oared vessels ever built. Reconstructs the various classes of warship. Each class is illustrated with clear diagrams and scale models, with particular attention paid to the arrangement of oars and rowers, the subject of much ongoing debate. Narrates the key naval battles of the period, including the forces engaged and the tactics employed. Strategic factors such as the location of port facilities, the supply of timber, and maritime trade are also considered. $43.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $36.55 USD.

The Men of Warre: The Clothes, Weapons and Accoutrements of the Scots at War 1460-1600. Uses a wide range of sources to present what the highland and lowland Scots were wearing and fighting in during this crucial and turbulent period in Scotland’s history – from the late medieval to the cusp of the early modern period and the material culture of war. Includes 14 black-and-white photos and eight color illustrations. $50.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $42.50 USD.

Man of Fire: William Tecumseh Sherman in the Civil War. Bio of William Tecumseh Sherman from adoption to West Point to leaving the military for banking and practicing law. He became superintendent of a new military academy in Louisiana until the outbreak of the American Civil War. After Bull Run, he went home for mental-health recuperation. Forming a friendship with U.S. Grant, he proved his worth to everyone at Shiloh, Vicksburg, Chattanooga, Georgia and in the Carolinas. While he was unorthodox, he was also brilliant and creative. More than that, he was eminently successful and played an important role in the Union’s victory. $17.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $14.45 USD.

To Hell or Richmond: The 1862 Peninsula Campaign. In the spring of 1862, the Union army made its way up the Virginia Peninsula with a goal of capturing the Confederate capital at Richmond and end the rebellion. Covers the advance, and the battles in and around the peninsula. Includes nine maps and 127 images. $17.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $14.45 USD.

Snow, Ice, and Sacrifice: The Italian Army in Russia, 1941-1943. Covers the genesis, organization and operations of Italian forces that fought alongside the Germans and allies in Russia, beginning with Operation Barbarossa in June 1941, until the defeat of the Italian forces there in early 1943. Italy formed the CSIR (Corpo di Spedizione in Russia – Italian Expeditionary Corps in Russia), consisting of some 62,000 men in three divisions (two infantry and one cavalry, plus a Blackshirt legion) which was sent to participate in the Axis attack against the Soviet Union in June 1941. In July 1942, the CSIR was upgraded to the ARMIR (Armata Italiana in Russia – Italian Army in Russia, also known as the Italian 8th Army), consisting of seven additional divisions (four infantry and three mountain or alpini). By late 1942, the size of the ARMIR had grown to some 235,000 men. $55.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $46.75 USD.

And Don’t Forget the Magazines…

Wargames Illustrated: Issue #424 with Free Epic Pike and Shot Sprue. Theme: Gamechangers: Four Wise Men: We sit down for a few pints, some grub, and some chatter about historical game-changing weapons; Steel Chariots in the Desert: Armored cars and light patrol cars as a World War One Gamechanger in the desert; Tweaking the Never Mind the Billhooks rules to allow for more players, more figures, and ultimately bigger Wars of the Roses battles; Hell on Hooves: History and tactics of the Polish Winged Hussars and representing them on the tabletop. Departments: Observation Post: New wargames releases including TV and film classics, angry animals, Operation Barbarossa, and more; Release Radar: New items; Quick Fire: Efforts around the hobby; Frame Focus: Pike & Shotte Epic Battles: A look at this month’s free frame, including painting and modeling tips. Features: Fun in the Sun: Outremer expansion book for Footsore’s Barons’ War, discussing the new armies, skirmish rules, and figures available, and some suggestions for Crusader States historical battles; Pike & Shotte Epic Battles – What’s It All About? Warlord Games‘ Steve Morgan, author of the Pike & Shotte rules, on his rules; Muskets & Tomahawks to Fallen Timbers: Painting North Star‘s new Native American warriors for Muskets & Tomahawks and suggest some tabletop battles to use them in; Behind German Lines: A Toolkit for collecting figures, planning forces, and getting gaming with Soviet partisans and their German foe during WWII; Scenarios for Valour & Fortitude: A Strategy & Guile campaign scenario followed by a Valour & Fortitude battle scenario. $9.50 USD

Miniature Wargames #480. Cover: Salute 50 Special: The Diary of Smudger Smith: SAS in the desert jeep game for DAK Attack; Mightier in War: Command Decision Two-fer: Thebes v Sparta 371BC with a downloadable campaign plus Campaigning for the Horse and Musket period; Scowles Of The Leprechauns: New fantasy game; The Empire Strikes Back: Kaiserschlacht 1918 is a WWI game. Features: Send Three And Fourpence: Part two of historical roleplaying article – Hold the Crossroads in WWII France; Return To The Wells: Simple ideas for improving Wells’ Little Wars; If You Go Down To The Temples: Colonial scenario – The French take on the Tongs for loot; In Club Spotlight: Meet the Aberdeen Wargames Club; Scratchbuild: Tools; Recce: Books and rules reviewed; Defence In Depth: Reviews of figures and more; Last Word: Reader’s perspective for wargaming. $10.00 USD

Journal of the Seven Years War Association Issue: 24.3. Contents: In Memoriam: Professor Christopher Duffy (1936-2022); Review and Outlook; Firm to Their Purpose, and Nothing Daunted; When Wolfe First Met Montcalm: The Battle of Montmorency July 31, 1759; Reflections on the Next Campaign (translated): by Count Wilhelm zu Schaumburg-Lippe; Conference Report: Fort Plain Museum on the Sir William Johnson and the Wars for Empire Conference; Book Reviews; Items of Interest. $12.00 USD

More at the Website…

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