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 NORMAN CAVALRY: 28mm Figures  This 12-figure set of 28mm hard plastic Normans has superbly detailed figures and a myriad of additional parts allowing hundreds of options. The 28mm sized plastic figures are supplied unpainted and require assembly. The box contains:  12 Mounted Figures, 23 Head/Helmet Options, 4 Shield options (Round, Kite, Long Heater, Agada), 6 Weapon options (Lance, Spear, Sword or Javelins, Axe, Mace), and 2 Armor options (Chainmail, Scale). $58.00

OMM Discount 10%: Now $52.20


BEYOND THE EMPIRE: Mini Campaign with Three Scenarios Add-On Pac  Solo rules for skirmish gaming in the Back of Beyond. Mini campaign contains three Scenarios, Quick Reference Sheets, and copies of the cards to save you cutting up your copy. $12.00

LA CUCARACHA!: Mini Campaign with Three Scenarios Add-On Pack  Solo rules for skirmish gaming in the Mexican Revolution. Mini campaign contains three Scenarios, Quick Reference Sheets, and copies of the cards to save you cutting up your copy.  $12.00

SHARP FURY: Panzer Korps Battle Scenarios Book XII  Twelfth in a series of scenario books designed specifically for the Panzer Korps WWII rules system. Includes 14 ready-to-play scenarios, featuring various action with maps and Force Groups. Scenarios: Hell’s Highway 1944, The Bloody Triangle 1941, Action In The Levant 1941, A Cold Wind Blows 1944,  SCW Encounter At Villalba 1938, General Landgraf’s Armored Surprise 1941, Battle of Monte Lungo 1943, To The Ends Of The Earth 1942, Taman Peninsula 1942,  East Front Juggernaut 1944, Operation Zitadelle 1943, Operation Doppelkopf 1944, Counter Blow At Soltsy 1941, and Balkan Paw Of The Tiger 1944. $30.00

OMM Discount 10%, now $27.00   


 LIMITS OF EMPIRE: Rome’s Borders  Examines the frontiers of the Roman Empire, looking at the way they were constructed and manned and how that changed over the years. Besides the physical barriers – from the walls in Britain to the Fossatum Africae in the desert, it looks at the traders and the prices that were paid for the traffic of goods. Describes how civil settlements – vici – grew up around the forts and fortlets and what life was like for soldiers, sailors, and civilians. The book presents artifacts of the period and provides a guidebook to top Roman museums and a gazetteer of visitable sites. $35.00

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BOSWORTH: The Archaeology of the Battlefield  Shows how archaeological evidence, discovered by painstaking work on the ground, puts the Battle of Bosworth on 22 August 1485 that ended the War of the Roses into the modern landscape. Using the results of the latest research, each phase of the battle: the camp sites of the opposing armies on the night before, movements of thousands of men across the battlefield during the fight, major individual episodes such as the death of the Duke of Norfolk, intervention of Lord Stanley, and the death of Richard III. At each stage, the narrative of the action is paired with location and the surviving physical evidence. Includes 80 color and 30 black and white illustrations. $43.00

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SALAMANCA CAMPAIGN 1812  When it seemed Wellington would have to march back to the safety of Portugal, Marmont finally made a mistake on the plains south of Salamanca on 22 July 1812, by allowing his army to become over extended. Wellington saw what was happening and after weeks of marching and counter marching, the battle the soldiers earnestly hoped for was on. $43.00

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THE MEUSE-ARGONNE 1918: The Right Bank to the Armistice  The Americans had considerable initial success when they launched their huge offensive against the Germans in the Meuse-Argonne in the last days of September 1918. However, not everything went smoothly and the attack became bogged down, held up by the several lines of the Hindenburg System and logistical challenges. A major additional obstacle was the presence of batteries of German artillery on the high ground on the right bank of the Meuse, almost untroubled by any significant assaults by the allied forces. These guns created severe problems for the American commanders and their troops. Includes 150 black and white illustrations and 20 black and white maps. $25.00

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 RED BULL – A History of the 34th Infantry Division in World War II: Volume 1 From Mobilization to Victory in Tunisia  The story of the US Army National Guard’s 34th ‘Red Bull’ Infantry Division from mobilization through to their bitter but victorious fight at Hill 609 in Tunisia. Includes maps and photographs. $40.00

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 ARRACOURT 1944: Triumph of American Armor  Casemate Illustrated series. Tackles the Battle of Arracourt in September 1944, where a German 5th Panzer Army counterattack to blunt the US 4th Armor’s drive looked good on paper but failed in the field. Provides an overview of tanks and other vehicles on both sides, general OOB and TO&E, and ‘Strategic Setting’ to help understand how and why the battle happened. Includes 150 photographs and illustrations.  $25.00

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BRANDENBURGER: Wartime Photographs of Wilhelm Walther  Images Of War series. In March 1940, Oberleutnant Wilhelm Walther transferred from Aufklarungs-Abteilung 5, an armored reconnaissance unit, to Bau-Lehr-Bataillon z.b.V. 800 – forerunner of what would soon be known as the ‘Brandenburger’. Two months later, he led a commando action in the Netherlands and became the first of his unit to be awarded the Ritterkreuz (Knight’s Cross).

By May 1944, Walther was an Oberstleutnant and an experienced regimental commander in what had evolved as the Division ‘Brandenburg’. He would eventually join Obersturmbannfuhrer Otto Skorzeny’s SS-Jagdverbande as Chief of Staff, before seeing out the last days of the war with the short-lived Schutzkorps Alpenland. Presents 250 black and white mono illustrations together with the original German captions and English translations, that portray the life and times of this career officer, from the German annexation of the Sudetenland in 1938, to operations in Russia, Greece and the Balkans during 1941-44.  This unique collection of rare images was sourced from the photograph album of Wilhelm Walther and may appeal to militaria collectors, modelers, and re-enactment groups. $23.00

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 NAVAL AVIATION IN THE KOREAN WAR: Reflections of War – Volume 1: Cover of Darkness    Covers the role of US aircraft carriers and aircraft in stopping the North Korea’s initial push to the south and their support during the Inchon Landing and Pusan Perimeter Break out. The last part of the first chapter deals with naval operations during the Marine’s Chosin Reservoir march to the sea in December 1950. The book goes on to describe the stabilization of the front lines after the Chinese had entered the war during 1951. Includes 3x16pp color plates with 250 images (75% color and 25% black and white). $50.00

OMM Discount 15%, now $42.50     

 HELL IN THE STREETS OF HUSAYBAH: The April 2004 Fights of 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines in Husaybah, Iraq   During the April 2004 battles throughout Iraq, most media attention was focused on the city of Fallujah. However, at the same time, the 3/7 Marines engaged in intense street-by-street fighting to put down the uprising in Husaybah (Iraq) near the border with Syria. Includes first-person accounts of intense fighting based on interviews with Marines at all levels of the fight, from battalion commander Lieutenant Colonel Matt Lopez, USMC, to infantrymen and squad leaders.  $35.00

OMM Discount 15%, now $29.75      


 MEDIEVAL WARFARE: Volume 11.6 with Sieges of the Hundred Years’ War   Theme: Sieges of the Hundred Years’ War: Sieges in the Era of the Hundred Years’ War – A Quantitative Reconnaissance; Learning About Warfare Through Administrative Records – Crecy and Calais from the Archives; and From Trickery to ‘Deeds of Arms’ – The Ways of Siege Warfare. Features:  The Mongols Return to Hungary and Poland – Wrath of the Dog; England’s Medieval Mariners – Soldiers on the High Seas ; The Troubles of Byzantium After Manzikert – Battle at the Bridge of Zompe ; The Carolingian Conquest of Aquitaine, 760-769 – Pepin versus Waifar ; Military Strategy in the Historia Ierosolimitana – William of Tyre’s Art of War ; Examining the Works of Beeler, Smail, and Gillingham – Changing Faces in the Study of Medieval Warfare; and The Welsh Castles of Edward I, Part 2 – Flint and Rhuddlan. $12.00


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