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On Military Matters 05/16/2022

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Black Powder Epic Battles: Waterloo: Prussian Infantry Brigade. This plastic set provides enough models to field a complete brigade of three Prussian line or light infantry regiments of 80 men each, three bases of jagers, a three-gun 12-pounder Foot Artillery battery, and three mounted brigade commanders. Contents: 3 x Epic Battles: Napoleonic Prussian Infantry plastic sprues; 3 x Epic Battles: plastic base sprues; and 1 x full-color Napoleonic Prussian flag leaflet. $42.00 USD

OMM discount 10%: Now $37.80 USD.

Black Powder Epic Battles: Waterloo: Prussian Cavalry Brigade. This plastic set provides enough models to field a complete brigade of three Prussian cavalry regiments (three bases of Hussars, three bases of Uhlans and three bases of Dragoons), and a three-gun 6lber horse artillery battery. $42.00 USD

OMM discount 10%: Now $37.80 USD.

Black Powder Epic Battles: Waterloo: Prussian Landwehr Brigade. This plastic set provides enough models to field a complete brigade of three Prussian Landwehr regiments of 80 men each, one regiment of Landwehr cavalry, consisting of three bases of cavalry, and a unit of skirmishing jagers. Contents: 3 x Epic Battles: Napoleonic Prussian Landwehr plastic sprues; 3 x Epic Battles: plastic base sprues; 1 x full-color Napoleonic Prussian flag leaflet. $42.00 USD

OMM discount 10%: Now $37.80 USD.


Die Kriegskunst: Wargaming the Seven Years War. Second edition. An informative ruleset based on the General de Brigade system that covers tactical-level treatment with command rules. Includes play aids. $35.00 USD

Forgotten Battles: The West Wall – September 1944 to February 1945. Latest in the series offers 20 scenarios covering U.S. and British efforts to break through the German West Wall, known by the Allies as The Siegfried Line, from September 1944 to February 1945. Provides different types of engagements, unit sizes, and opposing forces. Includes new troop types and armored vehicles, as well as new rules for demolitions, assaults on armored targets, panzerfausts as infantry artillery weapons. The scenarios are designed for use with any WWII ruleset, down to company and even platoon level. $39.00 USD


Vae Victis # 162: Basileus II. Magazine includes wargame: Basileus II – the sixth module of the game system A la Charge! Battles of: Andrassos 960: Arabs under Sayf al-Dawla vs Byzantines under Leo Phokas in Cappadocia; Battle of the Orontes 994: Turks under Manjutakin attacks Byzantines under Michael Bourtzes on 15 September near Apamea; Azaz 1030: Byzantines under emperor Romanos III Argyros retreat toward Antioch but is trapped by the Mirdasid army on 10 August 1030; Manzikert 1071: On 26 August, the Byzantines clash with the Seljuks near Manzikert, at the eastern edge of the empire, north of Lake Van; Zombos Bridge 1074: The Byzantines commanded by Caesar Jean Doukas confront a company of Norman mercenaries commanded by Roussel de Bailleul. Articles: News: Tank Duel NA; Piacenza; ASL; Race to Moscow; Salerno 1943; Boardgames: Deadly Wood; Waterloo et Bismarck solo; Storm above the Reich; 1942- U.S.S. Yorktown; Absolute War; 3rd Winter; Figurines: Campagne au Mali; CR Hail Caesar; Art de la Guerre V4 2e partie; Epic Waterloo; CR What a Tanker; Trois regles pour la 3e GM 1re partie; DAK Attack; Hobby: Jeux d’histoire: jeux aleatories (2); Rules: Impetus Volume 3; Lion Rampant Vikings; Fighting for Mexico; Rapid Fire! Blitzkrieg Battlegames; Scenarios: M44; ASL; Next War Poland; Art of War: Byzantine Empire 10-11th centuries. (Magazine in French, Rules in English). $28.00 USD

Vae Victus Board Game #30: Waterloo 1815. Napoleon, Wellington, and Blucher meet again in this boardgame of the battles of Les Quatre-Bras and Waterloo 1815. This poses numerous challenges for the players: assaulting fortified farms, launching cavalry charges, organizing grand batteries of artillery, handling reserves, and using reinforcements decisively. Game Components: 2 maps 59 x 41 cm; 432 die-cut units and markers; 1 rules booklet; 1 scenarios booklet; 1 player aid card. Game Scale: Units: 1 strength point equals 350 infantrymen, 250 cavalrymen, or 3 guns; Time: 1 turn for 90 minutes; Map: 400 meters per hex; Playing time: 2 to 10 hours, depending on scenario; Complexity: 7/9. English text. $38.00 USD

Strategy & Tactics #335: Descent on MaltaDescent on Malta is a solitaire operational level simulation of the planned but never executed Axis airborne assault on the British island fortress of Malta. The player controls Axis forces (Germans and Italians). The game system controls the opposing Allied forces and reaction. The objective of the game is for the Axis to capture Malta at the lowest possible cost in casualties. The design is based on the Crete ’41 game (World at War # 47). The game includes optional rules that allow for two or more players to control different parts of the Axis invasion. Descent on Malta is an area-movement game with one inch on the map representing 2.5 miles. The map shows Malta, the adjoining islands of Gozo, Comino, and surrounding waters, with displays (boxes) representing Axis units in Sicily and southern Italy. Ground units represent Axis and British regiments, battalions, and companies; Axis air units represent 3 to 6 squadrons. Each turn equals anywhere from four hours of intense combat action to two days of attritional warfare and refitting. Components: One 22 x 34-inch map, 228 counters, and magazine. $50.00 USD

OMM discount 10%: Now $45.00 USD.


Queen Anne's War: The Second Contest for North America, 1702-1713

Queen Anne’s War: The Second Contest for North America, 1702-1713. Although King William’s War (1689-1697) had established the basic disputes between New France and the English colonies, the conflict had resolved little beyond making it clear that the smaller French colony was more than capable of defending itself. When news of the War of Spanish Succession (1701-1714), or Queen Anne’s War as it would become known in North America, arrived in 1702, few envisioned that the resumption of the previous conflict would grow. to engulf eastern North America from Newfoundland to Florida, pitting the Spanish, English, and French colonies along with their respective native allies began a concerted contest for control of the continent. From the storming of Spanish St. Augustine and the opening shots along the Maine frontier, through the implementation of a series of profit-driven Indian Wars and the destruction of the Spanish mission system in Georgia and Florida, to the direct involvement of Britain in the closing days of the conflict.

Recreates the world of early North American expansion, providing riveting accounts of the battles across settlements and wilderness, as well as the motives, conditions, triumphs, and failures of the Europeans and their respective Native American allies. Based on English, French, and Spanish sources, this describes the economic and geopolitical ramifications of the war that reshaped North America. It also reveals the sense of independence emerging in the colonies, from Puritan New England to plantation South Carolina, at the close of the war. $35.00 USD

OMM discount 15%: Now $36.55 USD.

Cavalry in the Wilderness: Cavalry in the Western Theater of the American Revolutionary War and the French and Indian War. Covers: The Evolution of Light Dragoons; British Light Horse in North America during the French and Indian War and Later Frontier Campaigns; French Cavalry in North America during the French and Indian War; Spanish Cavalry in North America before the American Revolutionary War; British Recommendations for Light Horse on the Frontier in the West; Spanish Cavalry of the American Revolutionary War along the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico; Leather Dragoons, Light Cavalry and Texas Cattle for Galvez; American Light Dragoons and Light Horse in the West during the American Revolutionary War; British Cavalry in the West during the American Revolutionary War. $35.00 USD

The American Revolution in the West. Covers the battles of the American Revolutionary War west of the Thirteen Colonies and along the Mississippi River. It included French-heritage inhabitants living along the Mississippi River, the new Spanish owners of the Louisiana Territory, the British masters of the east side of the Mississippi River, the Americans who conquered much of the east side of the Mississippi River from the British, the Native Americans who were often (but not exclusively) allied with the British and were involved in almost every military action in the west, and both free and enslaved blacks who participated in several conflicts (sometimes voluntarily and often involuntarily). $35.00 USD

Fort Ticonderoga: The Last Campaigns: The War in the North, 1777-1783. During the American Revolution, Fort Ticonderoga dominated north-south communications in upstate New York and was considered the Key to the Continent. American efforts to defend the fort in June against British Lieutenant General John Burgoyne’s 1777 campaign entailed political and military intrigue, bungling, heroism, and ultimately a narrow escape for the Continental and provincial forces under Major General Arthur St. Clair.

The loss of Ticonderoga stunned patriot morale and ignited one of the greatest political firestorms of the war. But the fortunes of war turned. Two months later, the rebels mounted a sensational-if little known-counter-attack on Ticonderoga that had major implications for Burgoyne’s eventual defeat at Saratoga in October. Yet Saratoga brought no peace, and Ticonderoga would be central to additional military and political maneuverings – many of them known only to specialist historians – that would keep the region on edge until the end of the war in 1783. $35.00 USD

From the Atacama to the Andes: Battles of the War of the Pacific 1879-1883. After the break-up of the Spanish empire, ill-defined boundaries separated the nine independent states. One was the Atacama Desert between Bolivia and Chile, one of the driest regions in the world that contained nitrates that the world needed for explosives and fertilizer. War broke out in February 1879. Includes 35 black-and-white photographs, 8 color plates, and 15 color maps. $45.00 USD

OMM discount 15%: Now $38.25 USD.

Dreams of Victory: General P. G. T. Beauregard in the Civil War. Few Civil War generals attracted as much debate and controversy as Pierre Gustav Toutant Beauregard. He combined brilliance and charisma with arrogance and histrionics. He was a Catholic Creole in a society dominated by white Protestants, which made him appear exotic next to the likes of Albert Sidney Johnston and Robert E. Lee. Includes 13 maps and 175 images. $17.00 USD

OMM discount 15%: Now $14.45 USD.

Don’t Forget the Magazines…

Medieval World: Culture & Conflict (Formerly Medieval Warfare): Volume 1. Magazine undergoes name change and adds culture to warfare. All subscriptions for Medieval Warfare will continue uninterrupted. Theme: The Holy Roman Empire in the Late Middle Ages: The Late Medieval Holy Roman Empire: Imperial Visions and Local Realities; The Last Knight: The Life and Legacy of Emperor Maximilian I; Imperial Splendour: Armor and Regalia of the Holy Roman Emperors; The Battle of Dornach: Swiss Pike Put a Stop to the Swabian War; The Hussites: Warfare and Reform in Bohemia. Features: The Monuments of Artsakh: Documents of History, Culture, and Religion; Yasuke: An African Samurai in Japan; Destroyers and Protectors: Early Medieval British Warriors; Only 194 Dishes to Go: Lunch for the Emperor; Putting a Ring on It: Magical Rings in Medieval Legend; Conwy and Harlech: The Welsh Castles of Edward I. $12.75 USD

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