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Latest Stuff From Caliver Books


We are kicking off the New Year with some exciting new items below.

Note that the pre-publication deals for SAGA; L’ART DE LA GUERRE & HAIL CAESAR will soon finish.

The winner of the £50 voucher Xmas day orders sweepstake is A Todd from Wales, who rightly guessed that 63 customers would abandon their mince pies to spend their Christmas money with Caliver Books.

TWILIGHT OF THE DIVINE RIGHT : With Fire And Sword Rules Supplement/ Dorrell, Nick. You will need DIVINE RIGHT to use in in conjunction with these rules to fully understand it. It includes the rules, amendments and additions to fight the battle and wars in Eastern Europe in this era. The players can field Polish-Lithuanian, Russian, Swedish, Cossack, Crimean Khanate (Tatar), Ottoman and other smaller armies in the wars of this era. £5.00

TWILIGHT OF THE DIVINE RIGHT : WITH FIRE & SWORD: Scenario Book 1: The Rise of Sweden, 1605 – 1629/ Dorrell, Nick. Battles featured: Kircholm, 1605 • Klushino, 1611 • Chochim, 1621 • Gniew, 1626 • Dirschau, 1627 • Gorzno, 1629 • Trzciana, 1629. It covers the wars of the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth with Sweden in 1600–1611 and with the Russians in 1609-1618. Also the later war with Sweden in1626 – 1629 when Gustaf II Adolf transformed the Swedish army. £17.50

TWILIGHT OF THE DIVINE RIGHT: With Fire and Sword: Scenario Book 2: The Deluge, 1632 – 1660./ Dorrell, Nick. The ‘Deluge’ period saw the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth attacked by many armies. The booklet concentrates on the war of 1648 -1657 against the Cossack rebellion under Khmelnytsky. Also the campaigns of 1655 – 1660 is against the Swedes. In addition the Russians war against the Commonwealth in the Smolensk War of 1632 – 1634 is also covered. £17.50

TWILIGHT OF THE DIVINE RIGHT: With Fire and Sword: Scenario Book 3: The Wars for the Ukraine, 1654 – 1676/ Dorrell, Nick. The Thirteen Years War of 1654 – 1667 featuring various combinations of Polish-Lithuanian, Russian, Cossack and Crimean Khanate (Tatar) forces. In addition some of the scenarios are from the Commonwealth’s war against the Ottomans and Crimean Khanate as they renewed there attempts to dominate the Ukraine in 1672 -1676. The booklet features 11 scenarios from 9 historical battles and campaigns. £17.50

L’ART DE LA GUERRE– 4th edition REPRINT-Pre publication offer- Due in Mid January. £27.50

Infantry Antiaircraft Missiles Man-Portable Air Defense Systems

Osprey WPN 85. Noted authority Steven J. Zaloga charts the development, combat use, and influence of man-portable air defense systems, from the late 1960s to the present day. Featuring specially commissioned artwork and carefully chosen photographs, this study tells the story of these lethally effective weapons, from their origins to their use today. Shipping now £14.99

H30525 IN COMMAND : ACW wargames campaign system / – Large format pbk Pea Ridge/ Elkhorn Tavern & Bermuda Hundred. Rule-free Umpire led games £18.50

H30526 Post-Roman Kingdoms : Dark Ages Gaul & Britain, AD 450-800 / – Osprey ELITE 248 Shipping now £13.99

H30528 Teutonic Knight vs Lithuanian Warrior The Lithuanian Crusade 1283-1435 / – Osprey COMBAT 69 Shipping now £14.99

We have as always some second hand and shop soiled Books and Rules

53806 CHARLES PARQUIN: Military Memoirs series / – 200p. near new hardback. Charles Grant signature. Old Guard Cavalryman. £35.00

53807 Wellington’s Campaigns in India: Military Campaigns on the Sub-Continent, 1797-1805 / Burton, Maj. 160p. excellent condition hardback £10.00

53808 SHARP PRACTICE rules / – very good but with crease to cover and some pages £15.00

53809 ALTAR OF FREEDOM ACEW RULES BUNDLE / – ALTAR OF FREEDOM Rules plus ALL QUIET ALONG THE POTOMAC plus ATLANTA IS OURS scenarios. This is a colour print out so unbound single sheets. everything is is included, some charts are laminated and there may be extras £49.95

53811 RAPID FORCES DETAILED UNIT ORGANSATIONS 1939-45 2 volumes for use with any WWII rules / – 100+ pages. Very good condition large format pbk. 16 countries + Britain & Commonwealth £19.50

53812 Charlie Wesencraft’s With Pike and Musket: Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century Battles for the Wargamer / – like new £11.50

53813 Napoleon et ses soldats (Les Collections du MuseÌ�e de l’armeÌ�e) DE WAGRAM A WATERLOO 1809-1815 / Willing nearly new hardback £48.00

53814 LES ARMEES FRANCAISES A L’EPOQUE REVOLUTIONNAIRE 1789-1804 / Le Diberder 110p. large format nearly new hardback over 500 photos and colour plates of ietms in the French army museum. Some French text £50.00

53815 IRON CROSS: WWII RULES FROM GREAT ESCAPE GAMES / – Very good condition large format full colour paperback £10.00

53816 Creation and Development of British Airborne Forces 1941 -1945 / Buckingham, W 190p. large format nearly new paperback £19.50

53817 History Of The British Army Vol Iv – Maps volume / – Original red bound volume . 27 pull out full colour maps for the campaigns 1793-1799 £30.00

53818 FIRE & FURY: Original full colour 1st edition rules / – excellent condition £30.00

53819 JOHNNY REB: ACW RULES : Original box set / – Very good condition. Rules & counters, lacks scenario book £20.00


53821 TO KILL A KING / – 160p. VGC large format full colour pbk. for PIKE & SHOTTE rules but useful for any ECW £20.00

53822 WELLINGTON IN INDIA: A QUICK GUIDE FOR WARGAMERS / CS Grant & S Asquith 65p; large format illus paperback . Background, painting guide, Battles, Scenarios & Wargames rules FEW ONLY . Much information now superceded by the Glossy hardback but this one has wargames rules and scenarios £8.50

53823 BATTLE OF NORDLINGEN 1634 / Ribas 200p. New copy slight shelf wear well illus inc 8 colour plates £16.50


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